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Saturdays are nice, however I always work on Saturdays. Lots of other people don’t work on Saturdays and they tend to go to the places I work at in larger amounts than on any other day of the week. I prefer other days more, especially ones i don’t work on.

» Posted By roseofwinter On 06.30.2012 @ 3:06 am


We planted the seeds in the garden. Waiting and hoping for their growth. Little sprouts of green came later. Followed by the fruits of the plants. Life and nourishment from such small things.

» Posted By roseofwinter On 06.25.2012 @ 9:57 am


The fractures in the glass table top increased greatly as it was moved across the room.

» Posted By roseofwinter On 06.22.2012 @ 6:06 am


The persons in question are of neither one variety nor the other. They are all together different and unusual from all other persons previously discovered. No one knows quite why they have developed so differently but it is hoped that upon further research we will learn more.

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The pits of sulfur left a foul stench that spread for miles. The nearby town that mined the sulfur was yellow and dirty and smelled. Everything including the people smelled like sulfur and ash.

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She wasn’t too keen on the idea, ever. Yet this time there was no choice. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid a thing, no matter how much you dislike it. So she went forward into the unknown.

» Posted By roseofwinter On 06.19.2012 @ 5:23 am


The framework of a anything is it’s base and structure. Without stability in the frame, there is no stability through out. Our lives have invisible frames formed throughout our lives.

» Posted By roseofwinter On 06.18.2012 @ 9:06 am

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