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Gum gets stuck in your hair if you sleep badly
used to stick it under my desk when it made my jaw wiley
Gotta get some for the old stank dragon
chew a thousand times then then spit it on ya pops wagon
doublemint, triple play, quadruple the flavor
pass it out to all of my yes friends neighbors
they love it when you pop a big ole bubble loudly
grape flavor my favorite when it
if it been in ya mouth for too damn long
it gets stiff and rigged as bud bundy rap song
Gum make everybody happy for a moment
so share it next time you crack a pack open
nowadays theres just too many unnecessary flavors
banana mixed with lime and avocado aint major
i stick to my roots rome chew on the classic
but bazooka comic strip gum tastes like plastic

» Posted By rome On 07.25.2012 @ 6:35 pm

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