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Jesse thought back to the day when she first saw the poster for the Wind Riders. She never could have guessed what it would mean to her for the rest of her life. This job changed her family forever, introduced her to her love, her best friends, her new family. It changed the very essence of her person. Especially because through this job, she met the One and Only Jesus Christ and invited Him to be her Savior.

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Jesse leaned into the shade of the Joshua tree. Anything to get some relief from this horrid, dry sun. Her lips and nose were chapped from too many hours lying unconscious in the sun. She wasn’t sure she’d make it. And so, she prayed.

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Jenna always felt as though she could do nothing right. She couldn’t sew, she couldn’t cook, she couldn’t even clean. All she seemed to be good for was yelling at, laughing at and calling names. But there was One who knew her true value.

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Sarah was as willful as an adult as she had been as a child. Mrs. Hunter shook her head and sighed, knowing that the young woman needed something to change that hard heart of hers, but she knew that the God of the Universe would be capable of it. So she prayed.

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Jesse put on her hooded cloak and stiffly walked through the room, ignoring the strange looks from the men. She had to do this on her own, and she knew it. Not that she wanted to, of course, but no one else could make this change. She could not go back to that life. Ever.

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Tenny and Gracie splashed through the feeder stream toward the River. Purple sat on the banks, watching the children, smiling as she remembered the first Tenny, the young boy that had sacrificed his own life to save her. She didn’t deserve such love, and yet it was freely given her. That was the real reason she was who she was today.

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Sarah gripped the trunk of the tree between her knees and shimmied up as high as the bottom branch. Grabbing on, she swung herself up, and nestled into the bowers, a leafy cradle for the night. Her thoughts drifted back home to Aaron, Ethan and Andy. The sweet memories of childhood flooding in, she closed her eyes and listened to the bats chirping, the crickets harping, and the frogs croaking their midnight reverie.

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Lottie fixed her eyes on the dilapidated shed behind the house.
“What are you thinking?” George asked his sister, coming up behind her.
“We should rebuild that for Mama. Make it into a gardening shed for her.”

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Clear skies, fluffy clouds and pale flowers of gold and blue met Jesse’s eyes as she stepped down from the stage coach. She never expected to go east again, but now she and Levi had made the journey. Too many years had passed since she’d seen Teddy, but she still recognized the sweet boy-turned-man standing in the crowd waiting there for them. The only thing that would have made this reunion better would be the presence of the long lost Eileen.

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Sewing was Jesse’s least favorite activity. At least, it had been. But dressing as a boy, behaving as a boy, living like a boy for nearly two years gave her a new appreciation for the things she once did as a girl, including sewing. She would trade nearly anything, it seemed, to feel like a young woman again, even if it meant pulling out the box of patterns, opening the needle tin and stitching on a dozen buttons.

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She knelt in front of the king, feeling timid and frightened. The duration of her time in the land of Dunahil had been a trying one. She was ready to be out of the service of this cruel master. A gentle hand rested on her shoulder. “Please rise.” It was the king’s adviser, a kind and elderly man that reminded her a bit of her long-dead father.

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Rosie and Hermione were the last girls that Suzanne would have believed would want to be her friends, but she was anxious for any kind of friends, so she gladly took them at their word. After all, they were probably nice girls–Rosie was short and stout, and Hermione had a name that would make any grade schooler laugh. These were not the typical popular girls. And yet…they somehow were. Suzanne never saw it coming.

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The elderly Gordon Grimmace, as the children called the geezer, dismissed his grandson as though he were nothing but a bother. Jerry shook his head and left the room, but knelt in the hallway for just a moment, lifting a prayer on his granpda’s behalf. “God, soften his heart, please.”

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Hillary chuckled at her brother’s ridiculous demonstration to Glenna. That boy was the biggest show-off she’d ever seen. Worse yet, Glenna seemed to adore the childish exhibition. Hillary shook her head and walked away. Her best friend was too boy-crazy for her own good. Someday, though, she’d learn. At least Hillary hoped she would.

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Breezes blew through the garden, setting the swing in motion. Eden gazed outside, wishing she were allowed to play outdoors on such a beautiful day. But her illness kept her housebound, as her aunts were certain the child would catch her death from playing amongst the pollen-filled plants.

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Lucy was hardly a professional, but that didn’t seem to matter to the rest of the team. Her creativity and ingenuity seemed enough to keep the whole project together. Now, if only she could convince her brother to help them with the last few details. They would definitely be successful then.

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Red-breasted robins bobbed across the lawn in front of the once-stunning mansion. Chickadees twittered in the treetops of the scraggly branches by the columns of the porch. Everyone in town shied away from the old place, certain that it was haunted or possessed. But young Eden just wished for one friend to keep her company in the many lonely days she spent with her aged aunts. When the redheaded Blossom peered through the window at the rear, Eden felt there was hope.

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The loom resided in the corner of the room, unnoticed by most. But the little redheaded girl tiptoed over to it while the others listened to the old woman tell of her meeting with the infamous Katie “Lawless” Cambrick. For some reason, the little girl felt drawn to the loom, were strands of green, blue and gold were half woven into a blanket.

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Arrabella’s crew stared at her in amazement. She was going to find what? Surely the woman was mad. Only the bravest of men could ever go in search of such a treasure. After all, Old Ugly Dog O’Leary was the possessor of the map. This notion of hers confirmed the madness that had overtaken the energetic pirate captain.

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Flickering, the lights announced the impending death of the generator. Mike and Elysa had no idea what they would do once the power was gone. At least they had their down coats.

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Star at Dawn peered into the sky. The crescent moon hung in the east, still rising into midnight, while a million stars twinkled brightly. She missed Christy, and the long walks they once took.

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Aunt Lydia and Adam strung some popcorn on a thread and draped the cord around the tree. A second strand was made, and Sarah queried its use. Smiling, Adam wrapped the string around Sarah, “To make you Madam Christmas!”

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Jesse had experienced loss many times before. First, her father. Then, her mother. Then Phillip, then Collin, then Eileen. None hit her so hard as Nat, until Levi left her, too. One young woman, so full of tragedy. One life, too lived.

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Green walls and narrow doorways greeted Windy as she looked down the long hallway of the small hospital. She wouldn’t believe this is where Doc had been practicing for the last ten years. She had always assumed he’d had a more formal setting, for some reason, knowing Doc Grey, his mentor, as she did.

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Paintings and books lined the walls. It almost felt like walking through an ancient gallery. Face after face of ancestors of Robert greeted my eyes. Book after book in aged binding, beautifully kept as works of art themselves called out to me: “Read us and know thyself!”

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Jesse shook her head, cursing aloud. Startled at herself, she stepped back from the wall and looked up into the sky.

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Evelyn and Cerenity knew that their father would provide everything they needed for their grand adventure. They packed their little picnic basket, dropped into their laundry hampers, and waited as their dad tied a dozen helium balloons to the baskets. Suddenly, they were soaring above the mountains, flying out across the deserts. They were airborne in their imaginations.

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Star at Dawn knelt by the river and gazed up into the sky. She knew that no other human was around for miles, and though she was scared, she had a shelter, this God that she had met as a child. It had been a long time since she spoke to Him, but she tried now.

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I could almost feel the cry for mercy, for hope, for love, pouring out of the silent little eyes that stared at me through the bars of the orphanage walls. But helplessly, I had to move on. I had no home, either.

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Walking along the path towards the barn, Elsa extended her hand as she spoke. Oddly enough, when she did so, a butterfly landed on her index finger. Elsa stared at the creature in surprise, though she kept walking. The flutterby, as she used to call them, stayed put.

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