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she cocks an eyebrow at you, lips curling around the rim of her glass. you can feel your head swaying and she can see it in your eyes that youre not used to this. “cant hold your liquor?” she asks, already knowing the answer. she laughs, a soft sound from her chest. “youre such a lightweight.”

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the bracelets pile up, dull rainbows covering vivid scars. its become a chore to breathe without shuddering.

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i am so beautiful. who cursed me to be this way? why am i so amazingly beautiful? will i ever know?

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you sincerely believe that you are at a point in your life where you are neither an amateur with false positivity leaking from every pore, nor someone experienced and discontent with the changes happening around you. you are stuck as apathetic goo sloshing around inside a cocoon of false pretences and a complete lack of motivation.

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you really should return your books. theyve been sitting on the shelf for weeks and you haven’t so much as touched them since you rented them out.
you’re probably going to be fined.
what a shame it is that you can’t bother to get yourself out of the house today.

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her subconscious blanks out all traces of sound, leaving her vision vivid in sorrow despite the silence. they’re all stone faced, downplaying the tragedy. like the most important person to her hasn’t just been torn from her life.
she doesn’t realize this is just a painful start to a life of bitterness.

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a clean slate. she wasn’t sure how she would go about it. her alcoholism and nicotine addiction, well, they were out of the question for now. the drugs? she guessed she could work on that.
the sociopath fiance? uh, well, she’d deal with him later.

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she had always hated them. hated the taste, the texture, and everything else. save, perhaps, for when they were skewered and served in a glass with gin and vermouth. then, she had decided, that they were alright.

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you correct them each and every time, and they brush it off each and every time. they stick to what you used to be, what you were, years ago when you were young and you didn’t know. they stick to femininity, nature’s choice and not your own.
they invalidate you.

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his eyes sparkle when he looks at you, his smile wide and white and disturbingly toothy. he leans back on his elbow and raises an eyebrow at you, trying to be playful. you push him off your desk and the next day he has an ugly purple bruise stretching across most of his forearm. this does not stop him from trying to sling his arm around you whenever the opportunity presents itself. you are absolutely disgusted.

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she presses the tape recorder so close it’s almost touching your lips. you laugh half heartedly, pushing it away rather than trying to think of an answer to her question. her eyes do not leave yours for a second and it’s making it all that much harder to concentrate. why does she even care?

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her hair was getting longer again, and unevenly in the case of her bangs. they were all tufted and strands of hair stuck out from where they shouldnt have. “it’s just a haircut,” they said. “it won’t make you look homeless!”

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was it stupid? yeah. did it pay off afterwards and leave you in some ethereal risk-taker glow? well, no. but what matters is that you got outside of your comfort zone! everyone says to do that, and you weren’t quite sure how, but you figured that as long as it got your blood pumping you’d be fine.
and two broken ribs later you figured that, well, you were wrong.

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you hate it. oh god, do you hate it. its bleak and drab and ever so cold. your skin peels and your hair is somehow even more unruly than ever.
sicily would never do this to you.

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it’s taking every ounce of your being not to burn that old, run-down place to ashes. knowing that it’s a brothel only makes it harder.

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“it’s not a headband!” he exclaimed. she snickered anyway. “i’m serious! it’s a hitai-ate, and its a symbol of pride!”
she rolled her eyes. “uh, yeah, weeaboo pride.”
“shut up, shut up!”

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almost archaic and wrapped in right angles, depictions of serpentine deities of this earth. old, older than you or i or our ancestors. since the dawn of time, it’s been there. there with us, in us. in our spirits.

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we fought over the stupidest of things at first. and of course, as do all things in life, they grew more serious. into things that hurt us both and hit too close to home (or they would have, if we had one). you are the sole reason i was driven to the brink of despair once, twice, more than i can count, and you are the sole reason i came back. and you know what? to tell the truth, i’m really glad i met you.

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you once tried to one up your younger sister’s science project by outsourcing (and by this you mean blatantly stealing) the one from your older brother’s closet and presenting it as your own (A+. nice one, sal). two years junior to you with a better grade? nah.

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you loved venice. you visited there for all of your holidays with your terribly italian family. it left you with thoughts of orange skies and teal canals. of warm summer days and the lapping of water against red brick walls. you loved venice, with all your might. you loved it, and you still do.

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