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Sure, he was a professor. His tie was green, and his coat was purple and if that didn’t make you doubt this guy’s credibility I’m not sure what would. I mean, if your wardrobe’s color pallette is that of the incredible hulk, I’m not sure you have the credentials to teach me how to dress, you feel me?

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he was mumbling something unentelligible involving chipmunks and Sarah’s three bean soup. Margarie wasn’t taken with his ramblings. She only admired speech that was clear and eloquent. I think she was overreacting.

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There were rolling hills and blooming flower filled gardens as I walked through the yard and happened upon a gorgeous old estate. The building itself had deep green ivy moving up across the outside of the house.

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blue vines

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to the left to the right to the center to whereever i wish my teeth were aligned my mom has needed a wheel alignment on her car everything in straight order everything right everything perfect everything corresponding everything just the way it should be on everything always

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She slipped into not caring like a garment slips into a dry cleaning bag.

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hook ups are very common at my school. fishing hooks, fishnets, wow what am i writing? book look cook took fook haha that sounds like a censored swear… i like hooks. what the hell. hook rook
like the rook in chess. queen joker king ace two three

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