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“Her hair is braided like two arms intertwined and it all combines into a striking picture of grace and poise.” This was the televised commentary that rattled off somewhere in the orbit of a waiting room.

“You are only aware of what you want to know,” A voice said as I was taken off gaurd by someone who had arrived silently, they walked into view, “Therein lies one of many obstructions when it comes to reality and awareness of it.”

I closed the book I had been half-reading and looked up to see unfamiliar eyes. “Well, you must be new.”

“Ha, ha, I’m actually older than I look.” The eyes crinkled. The lips curved. Awareness is my first and second nature, and I believe this one snuck in on purpose for the smugness would not budge.

I felt instantly suspicious. This would not do.

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As a professional dominatrix it’s my job to rattle the clients. You’d think the crop or rope bound tightly or some other manner of restrained humiliation is what hurts the most, the actual physicality of the situation, the interplay of strain as weighted against applied pressures, but it’s the anticipation. How funny it should be words that cut so deeply. They can sear into the mind what a well-timed lash cannot do alone. One client in particular burst into tears after a verbal dressing down of his abilities and psychological fitness. “Why?” asked in a litany of ways can reduce an ego to ash. And who am I to deny moments of surrender, sinner or Saint, I make no distinction between drums and bums, with good timing anything can produce a rhythm, but I also hold no illusions that the tense music I make is really solving anything. It’s the remedy for a symptom not a cure of schisms in the psyche.

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I don’t want to write the first thing to pop to mind, or the second one, or the third. Because it recalls all that’ll fall if enacted like a chain of dominoes.

She said, with an air so cleanly keen, “Apocalypse girl give it a whirl, it’s right there on the edge of the world. And darlin’ you’ve been dreaming about jumping for far too long.”

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There’s ink all up on her fingers if you can believe she’s been dialing into sinks. Humming about diamond blings and favorite things, cause there’s a glimmer in the canyon, oh, that old la-la sing. “Ain’t got anything to tune and time but a mess of scientific thinks.”

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There’s a whisper through the canyon, it’s midnight, and I thought I might like a ride. So I flitter over to the stars every night about this time. Would I say what is different this time…the next line, the next time, what I would encounter at the sink as I’m washing down the water, a hint, a glimmer of a rather good time, I think. I shiver. A priori came at dinner. That is the meditation made me too full to eat. No room for pie. I know I’m waking up to a hint, a glimmer of rather good time, I think. I shiver. A priori came again in the shimmer. So I flitter over to the stars every night about this time. Would I say what is different this time…

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“Let’s not play cloak and dagger about the jungle,” she smiles, “it’s unsettling, or do you not agree?”

I read aloud from Chapter 3, which book is this now, I think I know. It’s hard to concentrate when noises arise in the distance: a snap, a creak, a click. Woe to the creature who doesn’t know when to fight and when to flee.

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“What is the 5th law of Gestalt groupings?”

“Oh, the value or the name?”


“It’s the Law of Common Fate. But I’m intrigued by them as a whole, you should know, as #8 is especially eye catching, that is if you’ve the knack for that sort of thing.”

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“What would you do gladly?”

Can you end a sentence with an adverb, that the “-ly” part, right? I don’t even care any more and that’s starting to become a problem. It matters doesn’t it, so that’s the amusing thought isn’t it? This idea of gladness over sadness.

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“…Then I ran across a monster who was sleeping by a tree…
…And I looked and frowned and the monster was me…”

That’s a good song, I recall, and then the metronome went tick, tock, tick, tock and I remembered this line from something else as the antlers knocked together and burst apart.

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The morning time sees me hazy, the dream fog’s not yet lifted, I remember he held my hand and said, “Please, stay, let us get to 32.” It’s been on my mind all day. I don’t get it. 32? What’s so special about this number that it’s on the periphery of my waking life. And yet I feel drawn back to a year of letters, a year of music.

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You only think you know what armor feels like, it’s entirely a different thing to actually wear it.

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The Queen’s adviser told her, “It would be a good idea to get married to someone wealthy, quickly. Our kingdom is going bankrupt, m’lady.” The queen replied, “I’m not going to marry the first prince that comes waltzing in here. I have to know him.” The adviser countered, “Well, you may have to do just that. Doesn’t the good of the kingdom come before anything else?”

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When I hear the word “turbine,” I think of wind turbines, generating power. I think of people trying to be “green,” to save the environment, to help the earth. I think of turbines as a good thing. We need to pay more attention to the Earth.

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I fill my bucket up with water and start the trek back to our campsite. I sigh as I lug the heavy bucket. At least I only have one week of camp, and then I’m back to my air-conditioned house. However, as I carry the bucket, a tiny deer pops out of the woods, right next to me. “It’s Bambi!” I say, and laugh. Maybe camp won’t be so bad after all.

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I shivered as chills ran up and down my spine. “S-Sam?” I asked, as the dark forest seemed to close in around me. One minute, he was there, and the next, he was gone. And it was so dark, I couldn’t see, couldn’t breath…

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The baker smiled as he took the pie out of the oven. It had a perfect, golden-brown crust, and it smelled delicious. “Wonderful,” he said with a smile. He always wanted anything he made to be perfect, and this was no exception.

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“Is the computer configured correctly?!” she asked frantically. “If it’s wrong, this could destroy life as we know it.”
“Relax,” said the boy as he lounged in his armchair. “It’s perfect, I checked it twenty times. We’ll be fine.”
“I’m not so sure…” said the girl.

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level is a palandrone I don’t know how to spell that word a useful word “level” that reads the same forward and backward interesting association

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