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yes. they all screwed. all five of them. their most awesome perfect plan had fail. terribly he should say. he looks at all their faces, and let out a hearty laugh. well, although their plan had failed, they still have each other. it was the most dumbest thing to do, he admits it. who in their right mind would try to create an explosion science project inside the school’s toilet. but he didn’t mind it, as he still has his silly friends doing silly things and enjoy it. of course the punishment, not so enjoyable.

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he thought he had it right there. his face is beyond rage. much less he wouldn’t survive to see another day for he had almost lost his patient. almost.

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it was both that she desire. she know it was selfish of her to be wanting the two of them but it was out of her control. she didn’t decide it. it was impulse, or one may say reckless. she didn’t know what to do, nor did she care. Because its a matter of time when this all come to an end.

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the smell reaches his nose is too much to be ignored. his body makes it’s way to the kitchen to see her cooks. he smiles. there is no other chef that could beat your mom’s homemade cooking.

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the sun rise up above the sky, brightens the world with it’s ray but he didn’t have the will to open his eyes and greets the day. he is to comfortable lying on his bed that he didn’t want to even lift his finger and face the day. but soon he had to wake up to go to class and be a student as he is supposed to. a grunt goes pass his mouth when his alarm, apparently has the same ideology in getting him out of his comfortable bed.

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she smiles at the little girl who is looking innocently at her. her child has asked the same thing she asked herself a lot of times in the past. it was something she always wondered, and learnt after time. life is not complicated as people always say. it is not, but we are making it complicated. a simple ‘why is the sky blue?’ or ‘where does the rain come from?’ questions matter to her girl. it’s time to make her daughter see what she had come to understand from the past.

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yep. this is it. this is the local island that everyone had talked about. how magical it is, how amazing it is, he heard them all. he wants to experience it by himself. and so he search for it. for 3 months he searched and finally he found it. as so here he is standing on the sand, looking out the horizon while the waves hit his feet, understanding on why everyone had said how magical it is. because it is, it is how nature works.

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it has hit him flat on the face. that square watch has now become his number one enemy. he picks the watch and turn off the alarm. somehow it won’t work. he frowns with his sleepy eyes. grins are displayed on his face as he looks from the watch to the wall. in a matter of seconds, the watch has met the wall and smashes to the ground. he grunts satisfied and turns to his sides, goes back to his beauty sleep peacefully.

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it was never in his mind in the first place. that is why he forgot. that is why he was late. he sighed as he took off his glasses. things are sometimes a bit more complicated than it already is. still, he can never turn back the time. as the cliche goes, it is better late than never.

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they keep it quiet, really quiet to the point where even a pin drop could be heard. or so they thought. it turns out their stealthiness has been figured out by the other party. so much for being quiet, he thought, rolling his eyes.

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great. he can’t think rationally anymore. he was hoping for somebody, anybody to help him with this insecurity of him. but he didn’t think there is anyone at all to help him with this. he is alone. and forever will be.

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this is it. she was drawn closer to it day after day. she didn’t expect it to be this fast but she was happy with the outcome anyway. her dream had finally presented itself to her and she is not complaining. it’s time for her to shine.

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they were at it again. this is not going to end well. he was tired with this uproar that he didn’t even want to bother with it anymore. but the other just didn’t want to put it at rest. what was it with her that putting everything to rest rather impossible ?

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