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Your crooked smile, your soft lips, and your hands fit perfectly with mine. This magnetic feeling has me gravitating towards you. I still see you across the room laughing and talking, and I wonder how you are mine. You are perfect and nobody could replace you.

» Posted By profitless thoughts On 01.07.2011 @ 12:08 pm


Cubicles. Desks. Paperwork. Dead end job. Fake hair. Suits. Beanie Babies. Ghetto PC’s. Paper clips.

» Posted By profitless thoughts On 12.23.2010 @ 7:00 am


I don’t admit the things I should. Let it cluster fuck inside my head until finally it all implodes. I wonder if I’ll die from guilt and lies, secrets and denial. If only I could show my true self to the one I love the most.

» Posted By profitless thoughts On 12.05.2010 @ 9:46 pm


Little lady, your hair so soft, your skin so supple. Come and hop over here and get daddy a drink. You look so cute with your hair in pig tails, you know what sugar pie? You’re my sexy little bunny, I will take care of you and nobody will ever get to lay eyes on your beauty. Come here my pet, and touch me with your holy hands.

» Posted By profitless thoughts On 12.02.2010 @ 10:06 pm


She stuck her spiked heals into my soul and stomped on everything I thought was real. She was a vixen, red with desire, and I was green with envy. She was everything I wanted to be, everything I could never be. She can crush my holy enigma with her little high heels, she better fucking think twice.

» Posted By profitless thoughts On 12.01.2010 @ 1:48 am

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