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There are always cool ass teachers that you come across. Mr b was certainly one of them. Knowing our complete disinterest in the finer points of metal shop and tic tac toe board making, he threw us in the shop tool cage office so we can hand out screwdrivers, hammers and metal rulers, while maintaining a crispy passing grade with minimum effort, allowing us ample time to shoot the shit and not cut off off any fingers and toes.

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Lying next to her and illuminated by the rays of sunshine peeking thru the wicker weaved wall, I wanted to remember every detail of her face. Even in shadows her eyes stood out like a old memory. In the midst of unspoken, the thoughts of going our separate way in our trips loomed a week away.

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everytime i heard that word i cant help but hear missy starting that 1,2 song with ciara. never fail…automatic, supersonic. Beside the song being 10+ years old, i dont even particularly like missy elliot either. That song must have been created in a lab using math equations and sonar technology to perfectly master the catchy factor.

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automatic door is stuck.
phone is running out of battery.
get help.
only banana in my bag.
i am starving.
the glass is mocking me
i can see outside but noway out.

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the discontent was heavy in the air. Noone knew when the next meal was coming from but they all knew there would be a fight for it. Despite being in the same camp for the last 6 months together, the first meal would be a test for the friendships that have been made.

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i can still remember it. The tv was on was to keep my eyes occupied but the sound was set to 3 bars so my ears would not keep me up. That late night comet detergent commerical was playing when the phone rang.

your dad is in a coma. We found him on the floor. that was all i heard even tho she kept speaking. Those words echoed in me bouncing around in the sudden hollowness i felt inside.

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If I see a comet tonight it means I am supposed to call. I thought.

Why else would a piece of space rock flies thru the atmosphere if it doesn’t symbolically mean I have met my soulmate. Am I really using the universe as my own love me not flower? Humans are weird.

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boarding pass in hand
all the adventures await
memories dont die

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“do you know where your parents are?” the security guard asked me.

Its always my dads quartz watch that led back to him again among the seas of hands whenever I run off to chase next thing that catches my eye. It seemed my dad had left his wrist bare today as I stood here next to the escalator lost.

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“i think we are about to breakout in a sex” A mumbled next to me.
Before he could say another word, one of the guys from the rival flips the table and every starts fighting.
“lets go” A screams and we start to fight and rush out.
As we run thru the restaurant door, we are met with more people from the other crew. Navigating the streets dodging the ones swinging their umbrellas turned weapon as well as random tourists in shock, I separate from A.
I get cornered right by the old toy store on the block. The toys from the shop window were one of the early memories i had when we would visit my grandfather. Now I noticed the toys only in passing as i am getting corned by misc punches and kicks.

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Frank and Dave been racing each other by the pond everyday for years. From tadpoles to now, there have been no breakout winner in any of their races. All the races have been decided by one leap or less. Today, Frank decided he would take a shortcut but he at Dave’s house. Instead of getting back to the race Frank decided to just hang out on Dave’s porch cause his porch was known as the most comfortable porch in the neighborhood.

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No one knows I am here beside L and she is too far away for it to matter. I am kind of thirsty. Of course I lost my water bottle. Is the lack of hydration going to kill me here…?! Do I have to climb up all this just to get back on the path. Everything is wet. Why is all the plant life so obnoxiously tall. Please let there be nothing chilling underneath. Apparently everything can kill you in A. Great idea doing this alone in the rain. I have seen like two people all day. Lamest shit ever if I slip, get stuck and die…

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Every year on the first day of summer, It was our thing for all of us to ride the roller coaster on the boardwalk. It was tradition to sit in the first car and be completely zooted. Since Al passed away, none of us have been on the boardwalk.

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It was our thing as we all ride the roller coaster by the boardwalk on the first day of every summer every year. It was tradition to sit in the first car and be completely zooted. We haven’t been to the boardwalk since Al passed away.

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It was our thing that we would all ride the roller coaster on the boardwalk every year on the first day of every summer. The tradition was we would smoke and ride on the first car. We havent been to the pier since Al passed away.

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I went out this morning to get some bread at the corner store. As I was crossing the street, I almost got hit by an out of control truck. It totally gave me a new lease on life. I will never eat bread again.

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