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Blood from the thing was eerily translucent as it pooled on the black tar road, reflecting the moon. Slamming down the boot of my car, i jogged back around to the front, bandages in hand, hyperventilating. “Hang in there, just hang in there…” I began wrapping them around the wound. Would bandages even help aliens? I was a human doctor, not an alien one, and alone on a highway at night. My uselessness in the situation made me want to shake myself.

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it wasn’t deliberate, planned, or devised.
the splatter on the pavement makes a shape like that of a bloodstained butterfly.
his life would have ended not with a flash before his eyes but a crack like an egg on the side of a frying pan, like a click of a light on leaving a dark room.
so sudden, so final.

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He was horribly disfigured.

Of course he was. What did you expect? The aftermath of a crash carved into living flesh. He stood no less than three meters away and yet the distance might as well have been miles. I realized I seen his face for the last time in my life.

It was no longer the face of my brother.

» Posted By probablynotwolverine On 07.08.2014 @ 11:16 pm

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