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The toughest questions on life are quite simple, you live and then you die. Get over it.

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He was in his late stage when she ran into him by chance. She’d had come to visit someone else in the hospital. She hadn’t seen him in years, but was always curious of him, a flaw she’d often cursed because more often than not he always seemed rather one dimensional. Of course he hadn’t anything interesting to say as he sent her a thousand yard stare that zoomed right past her. He shrugged, clutching the IV drip closer to his frail, thin body, and muttered, “Oh, you know, Capitalism.”

She whistles in astonishment and takes a knife out of her purse. Before he can protest, much less call out for help, she cuts the tube that attaches into his wrist. Without that steady drip of medicine, he flat lines immediately. He sputters incoherently as his eyes roll into the back of his head. He dies. She waits. He comes back to life.

“I’m dizzy.” He says.

“I should think so.” She says. What she doesn’t say aloud, “Sometimes I miss that look of recognition in your eyes.”

She observes a returning glow, he’s haggard, but rapidly improving.

“Well, it was nice running into you. Try not to get stuck being sick again.” She waves goodbye now.

He realizes she’s leaving him for what will be the last time, “You know this is a cycle, right?!”

“Yes,” she smiles sadly and walks off into a room he’s not allowed to go.

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i wish i could take charge. but i only feel the power when i cut. when i watch my wrists turn red. when i see that blood form. i lost myself. i lost my ability to write freely. i lost who i am. what the fuck is wrong with me. i’m fourteen. i used to write and smile and love writing and life. i’m so screwed up. someone notice. someone help.

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i don’t know what this word means. AWKWARD. spanks, one word. for making me feel stupid. i am watching CSI Miami. nerd alert. *pushes glasses up and sniffles* mwahahahaha. my unicorns and i will take over the world.

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Don’t throw away this, us. Don’t give up so easily. This can’t be over yet. I won’t let this us end please don’t walk away. Joanne. That’s what I’m thinking, thinking of you, pumping furiously away in my cramped apartment, please don’t leave Joanne don’t toss me in the garbage I don’t know what to do without you. Joanne. Don’t. please


I’m going to

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