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“Darlings, it’s me, Mindy! Gosh, it’s been ever so long!” Sophie and Mike breathed deeply, smiled at Miranda and resisted the urge to roll their eyes. ‘Mindy’ was prone to hyperbole – they’d last met only last week.

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catholic, europe purple, someplace where you pray, think, love, priests, droul, popcorn, boring, unfamiliar, drill, cath, cat, walmort, he, ral, spiderwebs, mosaics, the

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some thing that is real and it can be seen and heard about it has to be true and not made up and people can tell someone that is

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floating light up above the air up up higher high i love being i fear the pop oh to be a bubble not cognizant of that impending pop, not hovering hopefully but free

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The spray was to much to handle. Within every drop was magic of unknown proportions, of unimaginable power. No one can possess it and no one can breathe it. It is nothingness. It is you. It is God.

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html, javascript, mathemathical event, historical event, social event. So many meanings, so little time. The human being itself is dependant of these “events”, his mind and perceptible reality are influenced, or deceived by them.

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raw flesh is tastier, it is suculent, i can feel the blood, enjoy it, the taste ravishes my insides and gives me a reason to live.

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the deer trot along at great pace, to win the worlds last deer vs man race. too bad a hunter shot him in the face, that i guess was the only way to save the good name of mankind vs deer standards

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I like shoes

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