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sobbing is really just crying without saying words.

» Posted By Polly On 01.31.2016 @ 2:01 pm


We stand united as a family. We don’t like each other. We just tolerate waking up to each other’s faces and then accept that we have to spend out precious time on this earth with shitty people that we don’t like.

» Posted By Polly On 12.17.2015 @ 8:43 am


History is amazing to me. Being able to learn about the lives of so many. Being able to imagine it all, all that happened, all that made the world what it it. It’s amazing being able to relive a different time in your imaginations. I love history.

» Posted By Polly On 09.03.2013 @ 3:32 am


The clasp broke today. Now its gone. That bracelet… I wore it for 5 years. Haven’t teken it off since the day he gave it to me. 2 year later he died.

» Posted By Polly On 04.27.2013 @ 8:01 pm


i can’t name a single object
because there’s too many.
they seem irrelevant but
for some reason
they take precedence over
things we actually own
own as in are born with
not own as in attain through conquering

» Posted By polly On 12.02.2012 @ 9:51 pm


Sail’s keep you steady, keep you travelling in the right direction, keep you moving and ensure that you end up wherever you want to be. Sail’s have been partly responsible for many important discoveries, maybe we wouldn’t be living in our country if somebody hadn’t have used one.

» Posted By polly On 10.24.2012 @ 2:37 pm


they are full of people trying to sell you things. some of them have beautiful pictures in, some might tell you something you don’t know or help you connect with how someone else is feeling. but mostly they will make you fell either fat or ugly or that your house is not nice enough or that you don’t spend enough time planning what you are going to eat.

» Posted By polly On 08.28.2012 @ 12:28 pm


The triangles and broken rectangles of your body, sheeted in some places, broken in others. Crumbled concrete around your knees and rubber pipping as your bones. No one built you very well.

» Posted By polly On 05.30.2012 @ 7:42 am

The thing about buildings is that they’re all insanely beautiful, and yet all have such a uniqueness about them that it is frequently hard to try and mimic the process of making one. For example, the Palace of Versailles is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, and yet when Buckingham Palace had several bathrooms decorated in the ‘french style’ they could never match up to the beauty of the originals – despite the fact they were far more expensive.

» Posted By Polly On 05.30.2012 @ 5:41 am


it is something that takes people from a to b, and many more people are choosing to take the public version of it to reduce carbon emissions. Some people do not even use it at all! It comes in many forms

» Posted By Polly On 08.20.2011 @ 4:59 pm


that’s what i’m supposed to do to my nook to make it into a tablet and play netflix videos and other stuff. it’s geek stuff, but you KNOW i can figure it out. ‘rootin my nook’, yeah. it has to do with root access to the OS…

» Posted By Polly On 08.02.2011 @ 4:19 am


leader helper influencer greatness am I supposed to be free associating? teachers shape us in ways good, bad and indifferent. We rarely forget out teachers (good, bad, or indifferent). they should make more money — fer sher. Should be equivalent to doctors and lawyers.

I seem to have restarted this. Interface is not quite right. In any event, would I have become a teacher if I had it to do over again? Maybe.

» Posted By Polly On 06.10.2011 @ 5:38 am


one time when i was at a soccer tournament it was so hot outside so one of the players said why dont i bring my trailer so between games we got to use the trailer and it was a good day after all. it was nice and cool and shady and fantastic. I loved it alot.

» Posted By Polly On 04.27.2011 @ 1:55 pm


Everyone has a purpose in life. Whether it is changing the world, or simply living in it, they are all equally important. They intermingle together to create a culture.

» Posted By Polly On 03.31.2011 @ 3:03 pm


already spoken to the sage with his stereotypical long, long hair and he says that i must do while not doing, be while not being,
and contradict the burst because that is how wisdom works
things ripping and flying and laughing and speaking in nondescript accents and all the while he, the sage, or not the sage, or whoever or whatever the nothingness he contradicts may be (or not be)
so that it is impossible to say a word
and we stay silent.

» Posted By Polly On 02.20.2011 @ 2:40 pm


They are everywhere, I can’t escape them and although they give me life, they seem to create the bars to the cage I feel I am stuck in. They must go or I must go.

» Posted By Polly On 02.06.2011 @ 1:26 pm


It’s the most painful part of the proceedings. Everyone forcing themselves to be jolly for my sake, telling me wonderful things that I didn’t know about the closest person to me. How does that help? Take me away from it all, don’t let the pain increase anymore.

» Posted By Polly On 01.12.2011 @ 1:17 pm


It was a perfectly good pair of shoes, according to her mother but now she had Katie’s influence in her life and apparently perfectly good wasn’t good enough any more.

» Posted By Polly On 01.08.2011 @ 5:18 am


Science is a very complex subject. What is science. is it a subject? Is it about the universe and how things really work with nature? I do not like science. I like math. Although they both are interrelated. Science is equation.

» Posted By Polly On 11.20.2010 @ 9:27 am


She entered the stage and saw nothing but white. The bright lights dazzled her as she tried to make out the darkened figures in front of her. Her mother would be sitting front row and center. Her dad’s empty seat in the back of her mind brought tears to her eyes. It had been 5 years but it didn’t seem to get any easier.

» Posted By Polly On 11.02.2010 @ 9:59 am


sometimes i wish i could be saved from my future. the inevitable future that ill give myself- which isnt a lot. i want to be more than im going to be but i wont because im lazy and i smoke pot. im high right now. what does that say? i wish someone would save me.

» Posted By polly On 08.14.2010 @ 6:01 pm


i washed my hair
full of your beautiful thoughts
though i did not forget you
you still glittered in my heart
your smell still touched my nouse
you hands still hugged me
i washed my hair.

» Posted By Polly On 06.14.2010 @ 7:17 am

i washed my hair full with your beautiful minds
though i did not forget you
your image still glitters in front of me
your voice sitll warms my ears
i washed my hair.

» Posted By Polly On 06.14.2010 @ 7:09 am


A shadow of a reflection of an image

» Posted By Polly On 04.17.2010 @ 12:14 pm


It was the darkest crow. As dark as a washed blackboard. black black crow flying over my head like a tyrant. I am going to get you, silly bird.

» Posted By polly On 04.06.2010 @ 12:32 pm


sad and lonely and dark. sombre is a good descriptive word that proibveoy comes from the french. a sombre night is a nighyt that is worth living but also worth talking about

» Posted By polly On 07.17.2008 @ 8:00 am


oh it was all up in my head an i couldnt condone the fact that i had put it there myself..oh to be broken but its all stuk stuk stuk and tied … will it break looooooose nein. ding!

» Posted By polly On 09.09.2009 @ 3:57 pm


I hover over work, approaching slowly; husband standing behind me while I am working trying to read what is on the screen. Being apprehensive

» Posted By Polly On 12.02.2008 @ 12:14 pm


something you plan, put on the calendar, unless it’s a simple little inconsequential memory of a moment that stays with you, comes back to amaze you that it has such a place in your memory since there are so many “important” things you have long forgotten.

» Posted By Polly On 06.24.2009 @ 11:59 am


I’m being kept behind bars all the time and I can fucking break free. Everything is in reach, yet it’s so fucking unreachable. If only these bars would disappear, disintergrate by my touch I would be okay and I’d be able to reach you. I want to reach you. I need to reach you.

» Posted By Polly On 08.23.2009 @ 2:08 pm

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