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The silver shimmer of the night washed around Iris in a flood of high expectations and adrenaline. He was there, there at the corner, his hands shoved into his pockets, his sweater sleeves a little too short, exposing his nobby wrists.
This is it, though Iris, this is him.
The slimy bricks of the old building were cold against her bare shoulder blades, she drew her dark cloak more firmly around her shoulder, let the flowing fabric drift over her eyes, concealing her Ivory face.
Her pencil thin dagger slid easily from it’s oiled sheath, it didn’t make a noise.
The man shifted uncomforatbly against the pole, and Iris took the opporunity. she sprang.

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The picture windows sparkled in the streetlights. Her father was slumped against the window, hands entwined with a family friends.
“Its all over, sturgis, its all over.”

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The air was cold and the mountains loomed forward, casting stark, sinister shadows over his face. The feilds surrounding us were strangly silent, the steady calm of the autumn night dampening all the noise.
“Sophie.” His face was even paler in the moonlight, his freckled looked like specks of sand. I had the urge to brush them away.
“Sophie.” Hid eyes were luminous in the night, nervous. he certainly had never been this close to a girl. I didn’t care. i sure hadn’t been this close to a boy.
“Sophie.” he said it more urgently this time, but it wasn’t a command, it wasnt and exclamation
“Yeah?” I asked quickly, trying to hide the lengthy silence that hug between us. a light flickered in the forrest, a curtain of starlings rising from the trees.
“They are going to find us, you know.”
“I know.” A gunshot rang out. His hand reached up, touched my face, touched my lips. i closed my eyes, opened them after the next gunshot.
There was nothing to do but wait.

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it wasn’t so much a view with the eyes involved, not so much a view the traveled through Cassie’s pale blue retina, sparked her optic nerve and triggered her brain, it was a view of sound. A non-linear landscape of fantasia-like symphonies.

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The christmas lights outside the windows dance, leaving spirals of disjointed color in the smog. The sky hadn’t been clear for days, and the quick flickering of the new-fangled, too-bright bulbs brought Chrissy out of her stupor. Her tea was already cold.

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Her legs were bare, i remember that, her eyes cold and grey as she bore herself against the cold. There was a color in her cheeks I had never seen before, a new smile on her lips that exhilerated and scared me at the same time

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