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I squinted into the dark, my hand trembling on the door handle. Behind me, I could heard the clock ticking, seconds slipping away like sand slipping through the fingers.

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The place was secluded which is why I liked it so much, then I needed a bottle of wine and had to drive miles to get it. That was when I wanted to live in a village again – with a co-operative that was down the road and open late.

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creeping up the bones, falling out from behind ears like hair. Everywhere. It was everywhere and it was all encompassing. It surrounded her like a warm bath gone tepid. It was poison, the only truth. the only truth

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scatter. photos. well I’ve got some scattered pictures lying on my bedroom floor, reminds me of the times we shared, makes me wish that you were here. pretty much that.

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The word trade is interesting: one can think of commerce or you can begin to imagine the other meanings of this word. Some people trade their souls for money or their ethics for a religion. This doesn’t seem to be a particularly fair trade, as it were. I think you should never trade your morals, regardless of what you get in return. It’ll never be worth it.

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sick disturbed unnerving disgusting sick dead not found sick under gone lost alone never gone forever sound i don’t want to don’t MAKE me alone sick done done done

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hole role soul vision lover sacrifice hatred soul mate ben rtuh joseph woman man hit run jump ski play roll hide ben jim becca steve woman boo beheading tudors victorians greek gaby james me

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I look out of the window and see the tops of trees against a cloudy grey sky. the clouds are indistinct from the sky, patches of dark silver against the pale. Which is which?

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It was the one thing that had ever mattered to her. Swapping one family name for another was not as easy as other wives made it seem. To change one identity for someone else’s.

Did he honestly expect her to after all she had been through to prove who she truly was? All the tears she had shed while she tried so desperately to show them she truly belonged there.

And it didn’t really matter now anyway, did it? She had been removed from the family tree without a second thought.

Andromeda blotted at her running make up with a tissue and took a deep breath. After so many years trying to be a Black, she had turned out to be something much different.

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There are few people in this world who can say they have everything they want. Wanting more than what we have is something that every man, rich or poor, has in common. I think that to be truly happy is to reach the point where you don’t feel in need of having anything more than what you have already.

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The word aisle makes me automatically think of “walking down the aisle”, as in getting married, or perhaps waiting in line, though I’m not sure where that association comes from. Aisle…hmm… It’s not an easy word to write about.

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stormy rain torrents damage killer wonderful tragedy flood lives changed forever surfers!

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THe orchid stood in a plant pot by the window. IT was purple. HE always forgot to water it, but somehow it never seemed to die anyway. Things in his house were funny like that. They never seemed to die. His cat had reached the ripe old age of 17 before it had eventually croaked, and that had been on the road outside. His mother, upstiars, was approaching 109, and she was still full of vitality. There was something in the bricks, maybe.

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