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a hundred years. he opens his eyes and it’s a hundred years later; the war is over. everything around them has been decimated. jagged, razor-sharp edges of skyscrapers glisten under the sun like a mouth of teeth. like artifacts of history. rain falls without clouds. the land is empty. this is all there is left, he realizes, but then thunder cracks and it turns to gunshots and he opens his eyes and the war is around him again

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they were the same, almost. the same red hair, too curly to tame, flames around a cream white face. the same green eyes. if she looked in the mirror she could almost pretend that amy was still there. but what good is imagination at this point? they weren’t the same, but they were close enough. nature never favors repetition.

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Oil seeped into the earth by the factories. Sometimes, it left pools of shimmering black on the ground like fresh rainwater.

“You should shut down the factories,” they had said upon inspection. “The pollution is getting out of hand.”

And yet, they had the audacity to say something like that where the streets were already littered with trash, the oceans uninhabitable, the air littered with burning chemicals? She had laughed, then, laughed at their naivety, at their halfhearted efforts to create a better world. “Do you really think that taking away the factories will fix anything?”

That had shut them up.

No one could repair the damages to the city. She was used to the sight of it by now, anyways.

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“I’d like to make a deposit of three hundred dollars.”

The worker looks up and gapes. The girl standing at the counter is gorgeous – slim long legs, smooth white hair, cold green eyes that peer straight into his.

“Yeah, you can do that,” the banker stutters, slightly dazed. “And you can deposit my heart right over there in the trash can,” he mutters under his breath.


“Nothing. I’ll do it now.”

He shouldn’t have taken this job, after all.

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“Be more specific,” she says.

He stares off into the distance at nothing at particular, one hand propping up his chin. “I can’t.”

“Have you found someone else?”

“No.” It’s a lie. “Yeah,” he says quietly.

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Lint balls crowd on her jacket. Some are large and some are smaller. The cloth smells of mangoes and morning dew; it’s a strange, uncanny concoction to fit a strange person. He likes it, though. It’s just like her.

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hopes and dreams
strung up into
a necklace of notes

crushing losses
compressed into
metaphorical words

the ever sharpening pain,
echoing, resounding, evaporating.

she sang.

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why do I need to try so hard,
going one arduous note at a time
when others can so easily
jump octaves?

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he wouldn’t
return after he’d gone
why couldn’t he just
hold her hand for one last time
tell her he’d be back
she wished he could

she wished he could
tell her he’d be back
hold her hand for one last time
why couldn’t he just
return after he’d gone
he wouldn’t

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she unfolded the small paper cranes
one after another after the other.
when asked why, she responded
it was because they wouldn’t fly.

she let go of her unreachable dreams,
one after another after another.
when asked why, she responded
it was because she was flightless,
just like those hopeless paper cranes

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she wanted to be home
where the city lights engulfed her
where, if she closed her eyes,
the lights would flood behind her eyelids and
illuminate her quiet world

no matter how hard she tried,
she couldn’t get that brightness to come back

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she stomped hard
into the ground,
trying hard to leave a track
a footprint, a mark, a trace,

she pounded the ground with her fists
until they bled
used her fingernails as knives
and her tears as bullets
to try to pry open the indestructible surface

but she couldn’t leave a single track on the ground that was life
years later, someone would look at the rough ground
and never suspect she was ever there at all

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investigated the crime
found the murderer
locked him up in jail
but it didn’t really matter
nothing could change
the damage that had been done

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The music was deafening.
She leaned back in her chair and let the notes flood her ears. She felt them run through her veins like a pulsing heartbeat; a rhythm that enveloped the entirety of her existence.
She let her eyes fall closed and the music filled her; surrounded her; consumed her.
The music was deafening.
But it was beautiful.

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the room was neat, with
the objects on her desk
all arranged neatly, as if they were on display

the windows were drawn
sunlight gushed in from the glass
like a whisper of light

a vase of flowers sat on her desk
with the blossoms still fresh in bloom

everything was in perfect condition
the only thing that was imperfect
was her…

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She stood outside without an umbrella, her head tilted upwards towards the sky as she watched the raindrops hit her face. They splattered carelessly onto her forehead before sliding down her face like tears. And slowly, drop by drop, they washed her away. She spread her arms wide and waited for the water to dissolve her. And it did; it wore her away, little by little, until there was nothing left.

She had always loved rainy weather.

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The water was shallow, cold, frigid. She waded in cautiously, feeling the waves lap slowly against her legs. The sun shone softly from above, enveloping her in a comfortable warmth. Besides the sound of the crashing waves, there was only silence. It was peaceful, tranquil, serene. Perfect.

She allowed the water to flood over her ankles, making her shiver slightly as it lapped against her skin. Still, she ventured deeper, feeling the water reach her thighs and then her hips. All too soon, it was near her throat, like a rope tied loosely around her neck. Despite herself, she smiled. It was chillingly beautiful; the water numbed the pain that she had so carelessly inflicted upon herself.

She started to swim, creating small ripples in the glass like surface. Looking down, she saw outline of large rocks at the bottom of the water. But they were blurred and distorted from the liquid, so much that they almost seemed to be from a dream.

The water wasn’t shallow anymore, and neither were the cuts on her wrist. She found herself so far from the shore that the land seemed only like a thin line in the distance. And then it was gone. She dove under, feeling herself sink slowly and slowly into the darkness but not really caring. The darkness washed all of her worries away, gave her more than comfort than the crowded shallow end would ever provide.

She opened her eyes for one last time and saw the broken outline of the sun above the water’s surface. And then it was gone, and she found that the rest of the world was gone with it.

“Only stay in the shallow end,” they had said. But they were wrong. The deep waters were far, far more beautiful.

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Small droplets of water fell onto the windowsill, slithering down the cold surface like one hundred tiny snakes. She watched one drop especially closely, watched as the water’s short journey started and came to an end. It was sad, honestly. Pitiful. It reminded her of her own life – for a moment, the water droplet had completely captured her attention, but then it was gone, without leaving a trace behind. No one would ever see those water droplets again. No one would ever care.

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