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When you sell something it changes owners. People pay others for a material object they think will better their life. It can be a meaningless piece of junk, or something vital to survival. It could be something for business or pleasure. The key is money.

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A pupil is one who learns. A pupil can be any age. As long as one is learning one is a pupil. I have been a pupil my entire life. Sometimes to teachers, coaches, and parents. But always to this profound world in which we live in. I am a student of the universe, and I will never learn all it has to teach.

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A pupil is a student. The word carries neither a negative nor positve conotation. It just is. A pupil can be of any age. Learning makes one a pupil. I have been a pupil all of my life, not just to school instructers, but also to the simple way of life.

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