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We don’t have an answer for everything and that can be okay. Sometimes we want one but don’t need one. If we had the answers to everything in the world, where would we be? Better off? Maybe. But it definitely wouldn’t be as interesting.

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A beautiful creature which is unknown to human. It is hard to know if they are real or not as people haven’t seen them but they could be out there. with there human half and there fish tail.

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As I walk out of the dark and abandoned house I had been captive in for so long, I realize I am now living in a stagnation.

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When you’re around so many idiots all the time, you start to cherish intelligent people so much more.

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institute can be a hospital.
institute can be a school
it could be a dance institute
institute is a noun

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I remeber sitting in class and making slideshows on Power Point. I was excellent at them, probably because I took all of my notes in outline format, and that’s basically what a power point was. I wonder, though, if when you die your life flashes for you in a slideshow or more like a movie.

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He moved onward even when people tried to hold him back. Nothing could make him stop his journey.

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She felt as if she needed protection. Even when she tried everything, she never felt comforted. Then he came along.

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Their favorite place to eat served a variety of foods, but all he wanted to eat was salmon. He was so routine with it he was almost crazy.

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As the family went through their beloved mother’s belongings, the grand children came across a beautiful locked cabinet.

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Always stuck in the middle. Never leaning one direction or the other. Completely indecisive. She went with the flow and whatever anyone else wanted. One day, that changed.

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THe two of them were so different before they met. She had goals and dreams but never thought of herself with anyone. He was focused on living in the moment. Then, they merged into one.

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Clarify what you mean.
Clarify what you said.
Make clear of what you said.

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To clarify means to clear up with a simple explanation. I don’t know what else to say. Can someone clarify to me if this is right?

» Posted By Paige On 07.08.2016 @ 9:37 pm

Clarify. To clarify means to make clearer. Typically with an explanation. When you need someone to clarify something for you, it usually means you

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Turning in my head, they chug along through it all. Though sometimes they need greasing, they will continue to turn, pressing on always.

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I hate it when people accuse others of outrageous things when they don’t have the adequate knowledge needed to make such accusations. I just want to say to them, ” Who are you to judge them?”

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is the sound of the persise ear not all can experience what greatness pitch is. but those who do have a very spcial gift. its an art to sing. let alone sinning on pitch is t

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It wasn’t a matter of bargaining any longer. She either chose to return to Muirfield with Peter, or she stayed in Madeley under the wing of the beautiful people who had taken such wonderful care of her when she first arrived, given her a job, been caretakers to Charles, offered a place to live, food to eat. She couldn’t thank them enough- but was it worth losing her true loved ones over?

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Lydia detested tofu. It was such a fake food, she could hardly stand the way it tasted or the texture of it against her tongue. She hated how it pretended to be something nutritious and wonderful, when it only masqueraded as something much greater than it- real, true, wholesome food. But tofu was not real. Tofu was just as pretentious as the people around her.

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On the side of the road Lydia spotted a toadstool- or what she thought might be a toadstool because I legitimately have no clue what a toadstool is. Anyhow, she and Charles proceeded along thusly, ignoring the ugly thing, and made their way down to Blackwood Manor as previously stated. This is a weird prompt.

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Speaking to Mr. Rowley would do no good, for he was adamant that tey belonged together, which she fully disbelieved at this point. Mr. Rowley was a cruel, selfish man she should never have trusted- and thus realizing that people had warned her against th man, and said he had changed since they were children, she firmly decided that she wouldn’t repeat the mistake- Mr. Rowley was not to be trusted ever again.

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Everything was so complicated. Lydia couldn’t help how she felt about Peter, or her lack of feelings for Thomas, even though she had felt strongly enough to marry him years ago. But now? Now it had all changed. Now Blackwood Manor had returned to her life, and destroyed every semblance of civilization that Margery had instilled in her.

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How do you say you’re grateful for something like that? How do you manage to choke out the words thank you when all you really want to do is crumble to the ground and fall apart next to the lifeless body of your child. Yes, he needed to kill her, I know that to be true. But how do you stay grateful when your undead daughter dies again?

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my dignity was gone after that. he took it and left me laying in the dust like I was a dirty sock that had gotten a hole in the heel. that’s what he made me feel like. I would have rather been something else, used for a brief moment of time so that I could love him at least for how he used me. but I guess my dignity would not be afforded that luxury.

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The oak tree was our meeting place before. I think somewhere in the top branches we carved our names once, when we were small enough to climb that high. I remember being terrified that one of the branches would snap, break underneath me and I’d fall, but Brandon was never afraid of that or anything else. I guess now, looking back, he probably should have been.

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he swept me under the rug like a lost toy, forgotten and dusty. I didn’t think people could do that to people. Maybe a few coins, maybe an old sweater, a job a past, never a person. How do you leave behind a whole history, cover it up, pretend it never existed? Well that’s what he did to me the day he left. I didn’t hear from him for another thirteen years.

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there’s something about the way love happens. it takes you by surprise, it takes you by the heart and pulls you along for the ride even if you just want to jump ship. but you can’t, since that’s just not how life works; i had to learn that the hard way. and it sucks, it really does, when everything you do seems to lead to a brick wall, but you’ll get past it – climb over the wall. sweep everything under you, everything back, and think only about the people you have left. let that love sweep you off your feet before it’s too late.

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brushed. that’s it that’s all it took. He brushed my hand walking down the hallway, the one with the flickering lights and the stains on the left side of the white walls. that’s when I knew I was done for. One just doesn’t feel skin brushing theirs in an abandoned hospital and survive.

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