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Most days, I felt I was only half a person; not fully present in a world I did not understand. I spent far too much time with myself, contemplating the wonders and mysteries of a universe in a culture which did not appreciate them. This left little room for relationships or average pursuits.

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Somewhere in the sea of emotions boiling within her, she found a place of calm delight that took her far from the madness surrounding her.

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Plagued by his own inhibitions, he huddled down into the covers, wanting to stay in that soft, warm place forever. Knowing he must overcome this, overcome himself, he forced himself to rise into the sunlight. He opened the window and greeted the morning.

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Her mean face twisted into a sardonic expression I couldn’t read. I knew in that moment she knew something; something horrible she would hold over me forever. And I had a feeling I knew what it was.

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He trudged through his chores, trying to gather courage to say what needed to be said. As he swept the floor, he thought of sweeping her off her feet. As he wiped the windows, he wondered what it would be like to wipe his indiscretions away just as easily as the dirt smudges.

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The lights flashed on, curtain went up. The Cast performed their final performance, unaware that when the curtain fell, it would be for the very last time. Their standing ovation a cheer for all their hard work now over.

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The rain dropped to the ground, but was not to be defeated. It traveled it’s way up to the clouds via evaporation or in a more intricate journey though the stems and leaves of the flora around it.

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I am wiped from their memories as my sins erase the humanity once found in me. It is as if I never existed, a forgotten, prodigal daughter, never to return home.

» Posted By onewordwasheard On 05.15.2011 @ 9:11 pm

I am wiped clean from their memories as my sins erase the humanity once found in me. They move on with their lives as if I never existed, a forgotten daughter, prodigal, never to return home.

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I watched them playing, reveling in the rare moment of motherhood where all seemed right. My three little munchkins, my children, my crew. We stuck together through it all and had finally made it to happily ever after.

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Camp: a time of roasting marshmallows and making friends; a time of setting fires to sticks and to our hearts. The memories of camp, long sitting in the cobwebbed corners of my brain, came flooding back the moment I saw her.

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She waited not on a bed of roses, but of clover. The velvety leaves brushed her cheek. They wilted and turned brown as she longed for him to come.

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The room was poorly lit, a darkroom of terror. I felt my heart beating rapidly as I blinked rapidly, trying to get my eyes to adjust. In the corner, I thought I saw something move. Terrified, I turned to run out, only to crash into a shelf.

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I waited forever for you to notice me until one day, I took the time to notice myself. I then decided I didn’t need you to notice me. In fact, I could find myself better without you.

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The library is an oasis of calm. The smell of knowledge permeates the air. The sound of learning can be heard as books are cracked open. Pages rustle with discovery.

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You and I were a banana split: sweeter separated with lots of space filled with good things in the middle.

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I used to think I was lucky, but then I lost it all and I realized how tenable life really is. It’s not fate, it’s not luck, it’s just life. You never know when you might fall. When you lose it all, you find that the more you have to lose, the harder it is to lose it. And that’s not very lucky.

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Sweet mythology to embrace. It’s nice to believe that there are deities ready to reward us for our accomplishments and avenge our unjust wrongs. Not so nice to believe that we are one of the ones waiting to have punishment heaped upon us. Think I’ll take science over mythology.

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Life isn’t an arrow. More like a paper clip, full of twists and turns. You never end up where you would expect.

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There is nothing like rejection. I am told that burns are the worst pain a body can experience. Rejection is a burn to the soul.

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The one trait that really stood out, however, was her unending optimism. Every part of her lit up with it. It put happiness in her eyes and strength in her steps.

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I didn’t know it at the time, but my heart was a loaded cannon. I felt the cold, heavy cannonball of loneliness press against me, but I didn’t realize it for what it was until it exploded, leaving me in tiny pieces scattered to the wind.

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What we want more than anything is to stick somewhere. To find a home. We can wander the Earth for years trying to find that place. Like seeds, we scatter to the wind, hoping to find a place to land.

» Posted By onewordwasheard On 12.17.2010 @ 5:29 am

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