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Her mouth dropped, then clamped shut. It was a lie. What he said didn’t happen. Obviously, transparently, undeniably wrong. So she told him to shut up.

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It was the chaos, disorder that truly excited her. Watching all the ways that the little one would try to make meaning out of the meaningless. And invariably they could. They gave such meaning and order to things that she could never imagine, and so gave meaning and order to her.

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If the reflection is the same but mirrored backwards, that must mean that in this world, all things good are bad, and things bad are good. We’re an upside people.

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A refraction of a reflection. That’s what the half formed thought was. She sighed and put down her pen. It seemed the whole world was just a reflection of things that her mind was trying to understand, but where was the original, and what was it being reflected on?

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Streams, screams, rotates and twists. Bathes, saturates, drowns and persists. Warms, heats, fires and soothes, burns, chills, grows and removes. Sunlight life and death

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She saw him walking back long before he saw her. His head was down and though she already knew, she asked anyway.
‘Well, how did it fare?’. She waited. He just shook his head. And that was answer enough. There would be no welfare for them this cold, cruel winter.

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informed doesn’t mean information is correct. She pauses. Gun cocked towards the head of another woman. She is calm. The woman in front of her, when she should be trembling. She thinks. The woman should be shocked, worried, screaming, anything. That is the body’s response. But she’s not. A memory slinks to the surface. And she remembers, the sigh and murmur under her breathe. ‘finally’. Was she informed? Then she hears the sirens. It appears so.

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Dashing or to do a dash.

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The ones who are defined by what they aren’t. The ones that are unknown, and fill the dystopian novels with odd, strange people to make it dystopian and frightening. Or perhaps they are the ones that look like us, pretend to be us but whom we know aren’t us, and never will be. We think they’ll never be they’re the others. But really, it’s because there’s no us in the first place.

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the sea, the servant, the stupidity of imagining the sea is a servant. Or perhaps it’s maiden, not maid. The stupidity of imagining the sea is male or female when it contains both, and much much more.

‘But it’s how we understand things’ he said.

‘Then we need to change our way of understanding’. she said

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the leaf was crescent shaped, with a thin vein down the middle, delineating the the half, then another vein down that middle, so that one became two, then four. Each division marking territory. So which is the individual, the leaf, or the territories inside it?

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“The idiots are the ones that ruin everything,” she thought.

But there was more to it, because in everyone’s eyes, everyone else is an idiot. The question is what kind of idiot are you?

So she asked herself. “What kind of idiot are you?”

The very worst.

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Lying amongst the brush, moving forward was not something he wanted to do. Not yet, when the sweetness of the earth was cold and damp against his stomach, when the weak rays of sun barely touched his neck. But he couldn’t abide that all the others, down in the town would move forward in time, whilst he too comfortable in the now would remain frozen where he was, and who he was. He didn’t want to win, but he didn’t want to be left behind,

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he was distracted by the cat biting his arm, but in reality, it was his fault. Sometimes he could sit on his lap, other times he couldn’t. There was no rhyme or reason, no formula the cat could understand

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if there was none, we’d be as leafs on the breeze, at the whim of the wind and the current of life … a sweet surrender that betrays and hides itself as random but really just obeys another’s command …

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willpower, that dogged determination to do what you want and should
, regardless of others. Yet all our lives we’re told to be considerate, praised when we put others first … where’s the willpower in that?

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We look for outsiders to shoulder the responsibility then wonder why we’re a prisoner of the decisions they make for us, ignoring our own choice that built the cage…

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‘Intrigue is what makes us ask questions,’ she thought. ‘And the opposite of intrigue is knowledge. But which is more dangerous?’

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8.34 and the race has begun. Without thinking all the while ‘is it worth it?’ she runs and really no one knows why. But then nothing is ever able to be evaluated, that’s what she always said. If there’s no way to evaluate then, the why and the worthwhile is a fabrication designed to keep ourselves occupied whilst we do meaningless things

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It wasn’t that statistics lied, or that the dna was made of something new, or that she couldn’t deny her practical experience of him in every christmas memory, and every childhood birthday. She had to accept it but it was still hard to believe they were genetically related.

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sinking down, its hard to own the process when you don’t do it enough and when the words don’t quite come because they’re a little rebellious

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the scene plays out the same each day, though the lighting changes slightly and the time of year changes the setting from autumnal green to red summer to pink winter and a white white spring, mixing itself up into colours and swirls that mell so that one doesn’t know which is a movie and which is real life anymore

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‘your reverence isn’t given lightly, Your Reverence.’ She spoke quietly and he stood up a little taller.

‘Very true’ he said benevolently. ‘But we must be humble. We are all servants.’

‘Not everyone, and your reverence isn’t mine,’ she said.

But he had already walked away.

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listen to the lever rage and use its leverage.

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the dawn for some, the death for others. the word lingers sunlight in my mouth as I fade to black

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It was the way he could ferry his thoughts and ideas across to Anderson’s so consistently and so seductively. His thoughts would dock and alight in Anderson’s mind each day, trading on nothing more than the invisible scent of slights and injustices inflicted. Though the sea frothed in anger and the North Star pointed south or west to mislead, the boat was sturdy and the thoughts huddled there always reached their destination – meek, submissive and cowardly – until Anderson also became so.

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She wasn’t one to mince and convince with sweet words and constructive promises, and she never really understood why people couldn’t work out the value for themselves, and so knowing themselves better than others, be both the seller and the sold to.

But then looking at mismatch of the data created, and the lies they told themselves, it seemed people were as ignorant about themselves as they were about their world. Perhaps it was a good thing the data does the selling after all.

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such a loaded gun. Complexity, and my thoughts scatter as far and wide as they can go to the deepest deserts in the realm of my mind.

‘Don’t bring me forth, otherwise I have to explain and I have no idea where I came from, what prompted me, or what I mean. Don’t ask me to explain.’

Sometimes life is like these fugitive thoughts.

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bluegrass and greensky. One eye and two mouths. She had been told that she always got it wrong, but that had never stopped her. So when she appeared to go backwards, she was actually going forwards.

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doesn’t spit in your face or drape itself on your arm as you walk by. Rather it lies in wait, surrounding you in cotton wool truths you wish others believed.

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