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Why do you listen to these people, she asked. Why do you let them tell you that the things you like are bad for you or unhealthy? Why? She lit another cigarette and blew the smoke away from me, even though she did’t think there was anything bad about it. “People will always tell you that things are unhealthy. It’s bad to stay up too late, it’s bad to smoke, it’s bad to have sex with yourself because you can go blind, it’s bad to cross in the middle of the street. God, if you stopped your life the way people want you to because of what’s ‘unhealthy,’ you’d be dead from being bored.” She brushed something that wasn’t there off her pants and looked across the street at the sign on the door. “God, why do they have to open so late anyway?” She was waiting for the sign on the record store door to be turned around; she wanted to see that orange ‘Open’ sign so bad. “Well, anyway, I’m not talking you into smoking weed or anything, but you really have to start living.” The sign on the door flipped around. “Oops, there it is. Gotta go.” She flicked the cigarette into the street and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “See you later.” She ran across the street; slid in the front door and shut it quickly behind her. Ready to go back to being with a man who was so bad for her, so wrong for her, so mean, so cruel, so all the bad things he could be. But she knew better. She knew what unhealthy was. I picked up the cigarette off the ground and finished. The first one of my life.

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He could do anything to anyone with words. He knew how to use them; he chose them carefully and shot them at you like a skilled marksman. And when I got older, I learned how to deal with it better; I became more skilled at batting away the cruelty and the insults and the nasty comments. I even got to the point where I decided that maybe I could hurl a few good ones at him and hit the mark, too. That was a mistake. I was an amateur compared with him; a feeble adversary–not even an adversary really. So out of my league that I never got anywhere with that plan. One night, we were watching a variety show on TV; the starring act was the Flying Wallendas. They were acrobats who flew through the air like they had wings they’d just forgotten to put on. And when I saw them, twirling up in the air, no fear, no worry, I thought to myself: That’s how the old man is when he talks; he’s a master. Only thing was, The Flying Wallendas weren’t hurting anyone, except maybe themselves if they fell. The old man hurt everybody. All the time.

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Looking at him, you wouldn’t think he could change your life in a few moments. But he did. A summer day, running into camp from the woods, a canoe hoisted over his head, others helping him carry it. Dirty, grungy, unbathed for days, it seemed. Beard growing all over his face; sweat shining in the sunlight. The boys were all young and fierce looking then; hair down past their shoulders and the look of rebellion in their eyes. Hell no, they wouldn’t go to any war somewhere because a bunch of old guys said they should. He was their leader, their pastor, their joy-filled subversive; he was the one who had told them all the reasons why the government had no right to interfere in the lives of people thousands of miles and away, who didn’t want democracy or think about it or care about it at all. He was the one who told them why they should care about these things instead of their pimples and dicks and getting laid and who was better at what sport than what other team. He was dark and beautiful and frightening. Who could love a person like this? That was the summer that I became unhinged.

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Oh, they’re flying all over the place tonight. “You’re the bastard who left the first time. You’re the bastard who doesn’t even pay for your kid’s clothes. You’re the bastard I hope drops dead sooner rather than later. He doesn’t answer. He’s heard this all before. Most of it’s true, but that doesn’t matter much. You can’t defend yourself when everything bad they say about you is true, can you? He takes his cue from the dog. When the dog does something bad, he looks up at you and then turns his head to the side. Won’t look at you. Just lets you keep yelling and yelling until you wear yourself out and finally shut the fuck up. But there was this one time, he remembers, when he was a kid. They had a dog that did bad things all the time. Chewed things up, ran away, a real pain in the ass. One day, that dog took a piece out of the old lady’s brand new couch and she let go at that dog with a rage that you swore would blow the windows out. And that dog. Well, that dog got up and got his teeth right into his mother’s face and let’s just say that was the last time anybody gave that dog trouble.

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