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Why wont you let me be me? I try, and I try. I pull at these strings that hold me back, that tell me what to do. You push my feelings down, everything I want to say is stemmed before it can be expressed.

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I had an epiphany once. Upon strolling the aisles of Wal-Mart, I came across a child. I realized I was a child once. She had a Barbie doll. I had a Barbie once. She had a bow in her hair. I had a bow once.

I was a boy once. My parents hated me. I’m still a boy. Now I’m a hipster.

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a place where cars can intersect.

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I wake to the sound of pitter-patters–tiny footsteps on the hardwood floor. Their muffled by the thick concrete walls as they grow distant, sounds swallowed by the wallpaper. I lie in bed,

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I used to post naked for pictures on the balcony of my old apartments. I was tied to the railing with a dog collar and leash. I’m not exactly sure where those pictures are now. I hope they got thrown out when I got evicted.

» Posted By None On 05.11.2009 @ 5:27 pm


I placed a bulb on the counter before I left for work. It wasn’t until lunchtime, that I remembered where to take the bulb for dinner. When I arrived home the bulb was gone.

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is gone, all gone. disappeared like yesterday’s cool breeze, like the sun on our faces. like us.

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He thought about asking her to tell the truth, but knew she wouldn’t anyway.

» Posted By none On 08.18.2008 @ 6:45 pm


When most folks think about vintage stuff, its either “old stuff” or cool “old stuff” yeah thats pretty much how it goes. i think that vintage stores and stuff are dumb. word.

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I threw the bag down. i Knew i had reached the end of the line. I stood facing the wall of the far side fo the bank pondering my last fleeting moments of freedom before a swarm of swat and police persnel forced me ot the ground and placed hand cuffs on me. retainig me and capturing me. this was it. it was over.

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I could use some substance-induced happiness tonight. It has been a while since I’ve tasted tobacco or drank alcohol. Not to mention it has been ages since I’ve smoked pot. I think I’d prefer the first two more than the latter. Sometimes it is hard for happiness to come on it’s own. Bring me some sweet substance-induced happiness. It will be wonderful.

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the man ran across the asphalt. feet pounding, blood rushing in his ears as he heard the sounds emanating from behind him. low growls, high pitched squeals, and the unmistakable roar he had been praying against

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it’s soothing vanilla i guess there’s not a lot there’s nothing to it and i don’t know why i didn’t want to hear the song before tehre’s so much tiredness so much weight i want to let my ideas free i want to let someone else teach them how to fly because i don’t know what i’m doing the sound is gone

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