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My eyes used to be coated inside of a dollar store with a fluorescent light highlighting my…hopes that it would work like American football, painted for the war or away from the sun, forgetting English, trying to get back home, forgetting to use commas when appropriate, drawing a comma coming out of the corners of my eyes, obsessing over whether everyone hates my wings, not remembering to forget what other people think, dollar store brands that you’ve never heard of before, sitting on a sink and waiting.

» Posted By nodochinko On 05.13.2017 @ 3:12 pm


A cake in the shape of a spiral was on the table. “That cake is a spiral cake,” I said. Then, I tripped on a banana peel and my face ended up crashing into the cake. I tasted it and noticed that the chocolate was very high quality.

» Posted By nodochinko On 02.11.2014 @ 1:43 pm


Oh, the faux-progressives, I hate them more than the khaki-kids. The khaki-kids, remember them? The boys, mainly members of the chess club, who would wander the halls in matching khaki trousers. They thought they were too brainy for the rest of us. (They were mistaken) Many pens were stored in their pockets. All they did was carry their pens and stare at their chess boards – all while wearing the khaki. That was all. Now that I’m out of school, I no longer have to deal with them. But – these days – there’s a new annoyance…the faux-progressives! The, “Women’s rights! BUT WOMEN WEARING HIJAB/NIQAB/ETC MUST UNCOVER THEMSELVES. For the sake of women’s rights, they must not be able to make their own decisions!” and the, “I support gay marriage and gay people totally and they were born that way (as if that matters) but the transgenders [sic] are delusional and I just don’t think they should have the choice to change themselves.” Oh, how I LOATHE these faux-progressives. Their smugness – the way they glance at themselves in the mirror, thinking they’re gliding forward but they’re really stuck to walls which are unfortunately invisible to them. Someone save those poor lost faux-progressives! Scrape them off the walls. Give them a good scrape.

» Posted By nodochinko On 02.03.2014 @ 2:21 am


My favorite dissection was when I dissected a flower. There’s no blood, no other strange fluids. The insides of a flower are pristine.

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A disco ball fell on me. And it wasn’t pretty.

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“Did it count?” “Did I count?” “Did any man count” “No, no man ever counted.” “Do we count?” “Do the janitors count?” “Did anything I ever did count?” “I don’t think anything I ever did ever counted” “Did I ever count everything that ever counted?”

» Posted By nodochinko On 01.14.2014 @ 7:37 pm


Doctor’s orders: Yuri drowned in a neon blue tank that was over 18 feet tall, filled to the top. “She must breath it into her lungs!” Yuri practically wanted to die. She was .03 centimeters away from giving up but she kicked and kicked and kept on kicking. Doctor told her to keep going. Sooyoung crashed through the window with a gun in hand. Glass shards from the window were stuck in her arms and legs and lines of blood ran down all over her. Ignoring it, she pointed the gun at the doctor and shouted, “YOU SET HER FREE THIS INSTANT. WE HAVE A PERFORMANCE TONIGHT. WE’RE GOING TO BE ON LETTERMAN AGAIN. THIS IS IMPORTANT.” The doctor thought inside of his head, speaking to himself, “WHY, DOCTOR, WHY MUST YOU USE GIRL BAND MEMBERS AS EXPERIMENTATION SUBJECTS ALL THE TIME? IT ALWAYS GOES WRONG. LIKE LAST MONTH WITH NANA” Sooyoung shot the doctor. His brains splattered against the 18 foot tall glass. Blood covered the floor and, as Sooyoung tried to run to Yuri, she almost slipped because of it. The blood got all over her shoes. Jessica came flying in through the window next, followed by Tiffany, “Reinforcements have arrived!” Jessica shouted while punching her fist straight up into the air, imagining she was now a powerful superhero. She glanced at the doctor’s limp body, “Oh, he’s dead.” She was disappointed, as she was the one who wished to have killed him. ALARMS WERE GOING OFF. It was so loud. Tiffany’s ears cried. They could hear all sorts of commotion down the hallway. “We need to get her out of here, quick. They’re COMING,” Sooyoung started kicking at the glass. Yuri was already unconscious. Jessica grabbed a fire extinguisher off of the wall, “THIS WILL WORK…”…and the glass didn’t break. Tiffany was trying to hit the glass with an assortment of medical apparatae. Then Yuri opened her eyes from under the water. She opened her eyes and looked straight into Sooyoung’s eyes. Sooyoung’s mouth was wide open from shock. Yuri was breathing the water. She was alive…and breathing…the water….and then she screamed.

» Posted By nodochinko On 01.14.2014 @ 2:39 am


These days, people are putting bourbon into everything. I swear to god if someone tries to offer me bourbon ice cream one more time, I’m going to throw something at their face.

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“Your shadow looks like the colonel, colonel Sanders” “acdaa///ACK, stubbed my toe” “I wish I could cuss right now” “Can’t express myself enough without the S word” “Don’t wear two bras at once, I don’t care how much that sweater makes you look flatchested, I did that once and bruised my ribs” “My ribs” “It’s on repeat” “I’m a walking show” “I’m a working shadow” “This reminds me of when I was 18” “Oh, weren’t things great then?” “There were so may possibilities” “My head is too heavy” “Feels heavy” “Colonel Thompson help me to the door” “I’m light” “God, my ribs” “Someone save us” “I’ve been shot” “And she doesn’t even care”

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“Pass me the plumes, oh…I mean, prunes.” “Yes, yes, oh I love my bowl of prunes. Here, have some.” “My god” “What?” “The bath, someone poured a bunch of sugar into it” “Oh dear” “Oh what sabotage!” “That is dreadful” “Yes, yes I might get a yeast infection. You’re not supposed to coat your privates in sugar, you know”

» Posted By nodochinko On 12.06.2013 @ 9:53 am


Trumpets were played as I tried to sleep.

» Posted By nodochinko On 12.01.2013 @ 1:59 am


I received a package, left on my doorstep…and I opened it…it was a stencil of a face….but I couldn’t quite make out who it was…I decided to try it out…and I found it was of my face. A very detailed stencil of my face. It freaked me out, basically. So, I threw it all away- both the stencil and the drawing it had produced. Another day, I opened my door to discover a note: “Thank you so much for giving me your face.”

» Posted By nodochinko On 11.30.2013 @ 2:17 am


Always planned to sell an empty glass jar on Ebay. I was gonna tell everyone I had trapped a demon inside of it. I was gonna make up some real fancy story about the thing, and hope bids would reach thousands. Years later…it’s a long story but…I drew something that ended up possessed. A real cursed drawing…I still have it, locked away and stored deep in a closet. I could sell it on Ebay and it wouldn’t be a lie, you know…but I wouldn’t want to hurt nobody no matter how much they’d pay me for their own downfall.

» Posted By nodochinko On 11.24.2013 @ 3:50 am


“How dare you defend the homophobic salvation army of anti-gay!” yelled the bearded man on the bus to the old man with the red kettle full of coins. Everyone stared. Man with the coins just grunted a little and mumbled something I couldn’t hear. When the bus reached its next stop, another man got onto the bus and he ran over and shot me in the face. From heaven, I came to understand that the man who shot me in the face confused me for someone else. It was a hate crime and he had mistaken me for being Boy George. Why would Boy George be riding some random bus in Iowa?

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“There’s a party over at the graveyard…they’ve got clowns running around over there…some people are chipping away at headstones for souvenirs…they’ve dug up some bodies…and they’re going to play some version of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ but more like ‘pin the bodyparts on the corpse’ or something like that.”

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In an attempt to ignore how horny I was at the time, I spent my free hours building a sandcastle. In the end, because I never ever EVER found anyone who wanted to engage in sexual activity with me to pull me away from my obsessive sandcastle building, the sandcastle was super incredibly amazingly agonizingly annoyingly detailed. People called it the greatest sandcastle in the world and I won several awards. However, I wanted to bash my head against every single mirror I ever looked into. Not only because of all that happened but also because of my poor command of the English language resulting from my rotting rotting brain. Lord help me.

» Posted By nodochinko On 11.19.2013 @ 3:20 am


I want to have ringlets like Mary Pickford’s, the girl with the curls.

» Posted By nodochinko On 11.18.2013 @ 2:33 am


My hero – her – I can speak of…never. “Who sent you this?” my mother asked and I told her, “An old friend…” and that’s all I could tell. It’s difficult to lie. I like to avoid it…so I avoid mentioning her. It’s difficult to be the only one in my life who knows of her greatness.

» Posted By nodochinko On 11.16.2013 @ 12:05 am


I breathed in dust and it did not go well. I found myself wrapped in rough white sheets, scraping at my skin. My lungs were red balloons. With water falling from her face. she said, “Thank you so much for letting him go.”

» Posted By nodochinko On 11.08.2013 @ 1:12 am


it’s like a jungle, fighting in the jungle, i can’t see because someone shot out my eyes, and there are bugs crawling on me, i feel smaller, so much smaller, i can’t speak, help, i see only red. just red.

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I had a lot of time to think on that plane. Teardrops on the magazine. Duty free this, duty free that and an emergency exit to the left. I smelled horrible that day from all my rushing to flee. I went into the little cramped airplane bathroom hoping they had something. They had nothing. I tried to rub mouthwash into my pits. Then I smelled like BO and mouthwash. My face felt stretched uncomfortably tight. I couldn’t sleep with that facelift sensation like that. Good god.

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She did braids around their necks. One lady said it was creepy. She said it should not be done. I liked it. My mom said she hated it. But I liked it. “It’s sort of…witchy,” I said. I don’t even know what I meant by that. What makes it witchy? Maybe I was subconsciously reminded of the Salem witch trials. And braids remind me of the stereotypical spells requiring hair. Did you know I have someone’s hair and that person doesn’t know? I have these golden strands of her hair in an envelope in my closet. I’ve always thought, “I could cast something with these…but I don’t want to”. And yet I keep them.

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Crowd. Overstretched. Waist. Bones crack. Dry hands. Dry throat. Cracking voice. Sore speech. Coffee stench. Anxiety. Wet hair. Echo. Shuffling. Squeak. Tiny. So tiny. Invisible. Unheard. Failure. Red pen. Smile. Wrinkled paper. Laugh. Broken nails. Misunderstood. Blue pen. Scratched heels. Ringing sound.

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Heels gliding over water, all this talk of money, loose skin bouncing up and down, I see those houses on TV, They really don’t have anything to do with me, Wedding after Wedding I attend, Too old to be a flower girl, Too stuck to the wall to wed, Boys rip off my petals when I walk by and I’m told, “You better feel proud. Those petals we take and stuff into our pockets, those are your power. You pay us in petals.” Believe it, they say. Well, I never asked for you to take anything. I don’t care where I am. I didn’t ask. Cigarette smoke is my mask and it doesn’t let in any sunlight. I’m crooked and now they notice. Worn down and now they can tell. I better believe it. I better keep believing.

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“A horrible twist of events, a horrible bank problem…oh god…I just need a little bit of money…I get paid soon…but I can’t afford to eat tonight and my stomach…it hurts so bad,” I told him. And he said, “oh, it’s fine, I’ll help you. I love to help. I live to help. I am such a helpful person.” So, he held me hostage that night and did anything he wanted to me because he knew I couldn’t afford to escape from him. I didn’t even have change for a train ticket. And I was a foreigner. It was perfect. He withheld the money from me for as long as he wanted. When I finally got it, he told me he couldn’t give me as much as I needed because he “spent too much money on the hotel room” that I never intended to stay at…I intended to go home early that night. I really thought it would be simple but, yes, the costs of holding someone hostage…they create a large, deep, gaping dent, a dent, a dent in your wallet, wasn’t it? I went back to starving after a couple days. Everyone that heard the story thought I was a whore.

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I said I knew him. Actually, I dated him. True story. Onto another true story, I remember my crib. It was wooden. Nothing special. I just remember being in there. And I have a false memory. Untrue story. A woman with a white apron holding several bottles on a tray. Being in an orphanage. That never happened. It may not feel like it sometimes but I do know my biological parents. I do know them and they raised me, I guess.

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Brad Pitt squints a lot, it’s easy for him to squint, it comes very naturally due to the structure of his eyes, oh those eyes, if those eyes looked at me, i don’t know if I’d survive, it would feel overwhelming, but i wouldn’t want to know him, i wouldn’t want to deal with that again, i once knew a man who had fans, seeing girls say they wished they could be his dog…it made me feel uncomfortable.

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I can see your aura. It’s purple. Very light purple closer to your body, fading into dark purple moving away from your body. The meaning of it? I don’t know.

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I can’t listen to that Duran Duran song without thinking about what that lady did. “What did she do?” She listened to it while she tried to kill her children. “Holy crap.” Yes, holy crap.

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I want to keep the petals before it dies. I’ll take them off one by one, arrange them between some paper in a certain arrangement within a book and store them for years and years. I’ll find them again…years later….maybe I will have forgotten them by then…as I did…with that rose she gave me…it was a nice surprise…

» Posted By nodochinko On 08.31.2013 @ 11:17 pm

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