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“Why should I cut it,” he asked incredulously.
“Because…it looks hideous,” she replied.
“Well, I kinda like it. And it’s mustache march, so…it stays.”

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Other people being used and treated and objects in someones world. This is the most basic and common usage of all the variant definitions.

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It came when the rain poured down.
She had been walking, alone, on the wet pavement for longer than she could remember. She didn’t notice when the clouds appeared overhead. She didn’t notice when the first drops began to fall. She could only feel the emptiness in her stomach.
Then she saw it, the literal light at the end of the tuun

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there once was a grid! with people on it, from ugliest to prettiest, and I was at the top, and you were at the bottom, being ugly and all of course. so i guess you should probably go buy a mask? yeah, good idea. ill pay for it, you buy it. or i could just pay for plastic surgery

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