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Red tape. Barriers. Or order out of chaos, depending on the regulator. Top grade, state of the art. Controller. Micromanager. Consistency. This is not a very inspiring word.

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.

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I wish I was a humanoid lizard. Imagine how awesome it would be to have scales, claws, and fangs. I would also love if the human race was instead humanoid lizard instead of what they are now.

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Castiel pulled on Dean’s sleeved jacket. He appreciated the way it curled over his freckled hand, which was balled in a fist.

“What is it?” He asked quietly.

“Ah, nothing,” He said, turning back to the simply beauty of Dean’s arm.

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fractures are breaks and spaces between you and i, sometimes painful but with in cracks and grooves you get gold and growth. breaking is all part of healing.

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flowers, trees baby animals are so cute bees sex lots of sex to makee more baby animals. easter bunny rabbits and more flowers then its fall. with leaves and stuff falling from the treesssss!!!!!

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اسمایلی محبوب من
برای تو

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i had a dome over my head and it felt like the weight of a thousand suns.
so i rested at home and tried to burn the fuel.
i started to sweat blood and my eyes felt like twisters.
so i closed them and my body began to implode.

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No one wants to be forgotten. What could be worse than being completely forgettable. I wish i could forget mistakes, but it seems impossible

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I am obsolete. Nothing I ever dreamt of came true. I amounted to nothing but a pile of debt. I am not a mother or a wife or a daughter or a friend. I am obsolete. I don’t write anything worth reading. I don’t make work that is useful or recognised. My life could end and only 3 people might notice. Might.

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it goes between words . it’s a form of punctuation. it is misused commonly. what the heck am I doing?ummm i don’t know what to say! has it been a minute yet? heelloo?

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i held on to what little dignity that i had. Trying to save face and keep my respect.
why do these things happen to me?
why is it that every thing that should go right in my life ends in disaster?
one of these days. . .
one of these days. . .

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The cut itched at her mind like a bothersome sore; its pain was warm, in contrast to the coldness she felt. The blood was like water to the ice of her arm – the cut was like fire to the glacier of her body.

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i can’t provide for you anymore, he said. she didn’t look at him, couldn’t. i just can’t do it… i’m not.. i can’t.
oh caroline, he said. i’m sorry.

she turned, hand on the door.
goodbye jim.

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enhanced confusion at the fact I am actually writing about a word that is above this text/ memo box. I must be bored or lame to be doing this and really not enhancing anything bar my confusion of why I would be writing. Does this serve a purpose?

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I pushed the pedal down on the piano I’m desperately attempting to play. I kind of suck at playing but at least I know WHEN to push the pedal down. God help me pass my piano final lol..

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The snap

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gross white cubes in my chinese food! like jello, but not really. i don’t know why people think they taste as good as or can even replace meat. but i hate the taste of beef. thats the only thing i would prefer tofu over. asian culture kind of scare me. how did they come up with the concept of tofu anyway? what exactly is it made out of?

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they got hooked when they were 10…

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Steve had been watching the woman’s cats for a week now. Far from his first idea to just roll with it, he had taken to laying plastic table covers on the furniture. When the cats had their fill and there were bits of white plastic everywhere, he would simply vacuum the evidence up the next time he visited.

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I ate a tomato

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