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i hate politicians. they’re so wishy-washy; one minute they’re all about the supporting a cause, and the next they act against it. they’re people-pleasers — or at least they try to be, for most aren’t too pleased with them. they all think they know what’s right for the city, or the county, or the state, or the country that they represent; but the truth of the matter is that they don’t know. i don’t know. you don’t know. i don’t believe anyone knows. however, that does not stop them from trying, which is exactly what they do.

» Posted By Nicolette On 01.09.2013 @ 2:57 pm

Corrupt. Money. Phacade. American dreams. Society. Democratic. Republican. Dependence. Followers. Robots. Brainwashed.

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Kicking the Bucket- a great Kings of Leon song- popular here in England. I nearly saw them in Nashville a few years ago with a guy who was practically a stranger at the time. How crazy. Nearly drove three hours just to be with a guy I was surprised was interested in me. I wonder how that can be when I know I’ma catch and confident.

» Posted By Nicolette On 07.08.2012 @ 4:52 pm


The word wagon reminds me of life in general.
Emotional wagon.
Burden of life wagon
Wagon that you carry around hoping to discard.
Break their wagons and are overcome by it.

» Posted By Nicolette On 02.02.2012 @ 7:50 am


rubber bands. Snap and hit you. Elastic birds seem quite bouncy. The bouncy fellows. Oh well. My life is somewhat elastic, like when I wake up from having a bad day, I just spring back to positiveness because thats the way it is.

» Posted By Nicolette On 08.10.2011 @ 6:14 pm


bricks are red. they are hard. yet they can be so comforting. think about a red brick wall and thik about the memories that it brings back. writing with chalk the name of the one you think you love. hitting a hand ball up against the wall. experiencing your first kiss up against the sea of red. playing hide and seek as the other count down and try to find you. brick is hard. yet the red brick is the color and texture of your childhood. so many memories. so many things to remember. you have grown up and mesured your life against the red brick. when do you ever see a brick wall of any other color? they even have a crayon nam after you beloved brick wall. there is no such thing as yellow brick, or pink brick. thats because it does not exist. red. that is the color of brick. the color of your memories. the color of what you have loved and lost and experienced. the harshness of growing up. bricks were the ones you saw on the play groud and along the sides of the houses in your neighboorhood and the walls that held you up as you cried. the red brick. thats the one.

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lucky. she’s so lucky~ she’s a star. but she crys, crys, crys SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING. . . SOOOOOOOOOMGTHINNNNNNNNG 8D

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I am a believer of Christ; he is my all and saviour.

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white. pearly. clean.

dentist. going to the dentist. getting a free toothbrush and a sticker.
i don’t get the sticker anymore.

i miss being a legitimate child.


» Posted By nicolette On 12.06.2010 @ 1:10 pm


As I crossed the road, I saw someone run into the corn field. I followed them, only to see that they were gone. I never found them. But I did find an old key they dropped on the ground. I never knew what it went to. Until today.

» Posted By Nicolette On 05.14.2010 @ 11:28 pm


i have these, i use these. I love these. they give me a chance to spend what i worked hard for. Something i earned, can be used to write on these. IF not, i check off my list. My list has check marks. i use them.

» Posted By nicolette On 09.23.2009 @ 8:37 pm


i am going to delay as long as i can. maybe then you’ll be gone and i won’t have to deal with this.

» Posted By nicolette On 08.31.2008 @ 11:40 am


I found my heart today,
I dont know where it went,
How did it disappear so fast?
I want it back,
But he holds it tight,
Ever pulling,
Things arent what they seem
Im loosing grip,
I want him to be safe,
but he doesnt listen to me.
My heart is breaking,
Im loosing control.

I found my heart.

» Posted By Nicolette On 03.08.2010 @ 8:10 pm


Jobs. Job options. My major has none has none whatsoever. Life options. The option to be happy or the option to be rich. Not rich, comfortable. So few options.

» Posted By Nicolette On 01.21.2010 @ 3:42 pm

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