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The dentist walked into his office, the room he worked in. The patient was already laying down, mouth spread wide and ready for him. They had a cavity, not serious, but still needing to be taken care of. The dentist didn’t like his job much, but it paid. He’s only become a dentist for his parents.

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How do I clear my mind. I am clearly an over thinker and it is so difficult to clear my mind. I always have things running in and out of my mind and I just want peace and quiet. To clear my mind would be Heaven.

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I once peeled a green apple, only to find a worm inside. I was so disgusted I vomited on mu little sister who was sitting right next to me. She cried to my mother later that evening during dinner and I was later grounded.

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I don’t like firearms; they are scary. And yet I think about using them when I am depressed. It isn’t right, it isn’t okay… But what else am I supposed to do to make these feelings go away?

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it was almost cinematic, the kiss we shared. Standing there, surrounded by millions of travelers, and yet it felt like it was just you and I. Even though this was the end, the end of something we never would get to experience, your kiss was enough.

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Watching, waiting, wanting. Seeking to devour, seeking to destroy. Why call on the name of enemies when my friends fill the role just as well.

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Sometimes I think
about the time we spent
walking past each other,
while as strangers,
getting to places,
but never to you.

Come by for a visit, won’t you?

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It was amazing how such a small phrase, a tiny arrangement of letters and vowels, could change her life in every possible way. She’d woken up on the floor of a basement with a gag in her mouth, and for an instant, she’d thought she was still dreaming. Until the firm bones of knuckles crashed into her cheek and the pain blinded her. Then, she knew she was awake and there was no going back.

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both between and outside,
our breath hangs in the back of our throats –
caught like fire.
whispered words could save
us both.

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Sunflowers rise to greet the sun in the middle of spring. The morning is crisp and clear, and the world is smiling at anyone who considers life important enough to view it from the top. This is a fresh day. This is a new day. This is where anything, no matter how improbable, can happen.

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this is what a lion does. it is very loud and intimidating. you can say it with a lot of emphasis or very timidly. once i was supposed this loud noise with this word, but it came out like this little baby lion. simba is a baby lion that makes a small roar

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The wound was still fresh. It still pulsated beneath her skin like a devilish ghost heartbeat. The agony of it hid beneath her tongue and changed the words that came from between her lips.

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Claim. A simple word: straight-forward, assertive. Domineering. Like he was, even the day she met him. His spine was made of steel, and his body was built to match. When he smiled at her she was struck with an electric bolt that jolted her weak and bruised heart back to life. He’d laid his claim in that moment, and despite how fiercely he could infuriate her, she couldn’t shake him.

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“Dysfunctional!” The woman screeched, her voice ringing through the whole house. “Dysfunctional, thats what you are you…you BRAT!” Mara co

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Carbon. That’s what her entire life came down to, in the end. She spent her youth gallivanting the earth, plunging her unwanted existence deep into the bowels of the planet, digging in long after she should have gone home.

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A half jug of milk sat on the old dusty table for four years before I even noticed it was there. I didn’t want to think. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to live. But who’s to say whether this is living or not? I’m alive, but I certainly feel like I’m falling short of living.

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He was full of substances; faint nuances in taste and effects. He always held her at arms lenth. The darkness fell around him like a cowl, as natural and easy as breathing.

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Substance abuse is awesome… That is all. Just kidding. Maybe. Heroin?

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It all started with a key; the curves of the designed head twisted and ancient, wrought metal stained black with age and dirt. It felt heavy in her palm, and despite the sweltering West-coast heat, it held a chill that seeped into the pattern of her flesh.

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*Principle. It was the principle of the matter, he said. He was always talking, whether she listened or not he blathered on in the background, his voice a sterile drone. In time she’d grown numb to it, but now and then she heard his voice in her head. A fractured whisper, faint static crackling and sparking.

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It was the principal of the matter, he said. He was always talking, whether she listened or not he blathered on in the background, his voice a sterile drone. In time she’d grown numb to it, but now and then she heard his voice in her head. A fractured whisper, faint static crackling and sparking.

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There are some things i would like to transform, none more than myself. i have so much to change about the way I live, the way I eat, sleep and behave. i think my future depends on my transformation. There are moments of truth when I know that without it I will either die or live in complete misery.

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It wasn’t as if she was afraid of someone taking her luggage, oh no, she was afraid of the zipper. The zipper on the pocket of her bag with her razors had become loose while on the flight, and it was ready to slip. She needed to grab her bag before someone moved it aside or tried to help her with it. And just as she reached out to snatch it, someone pushed it out of their way. The zipper slid, her box fell, the metal hit the floor with a ping.

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She stood there, finally at her destination, and stared down the tracks. She wondered when the train would come. She sat on the rail, keeping her spine straight, upright. There wasn’t much going on, spare the highway below her. Maybe she should run to Burger King and grab a snack before death.

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I watched as the girl stared me in the eyes and dragged the knife across her throat. She stood for a moment before wavering and then collapsed, eyes rolling back. I dove forward and caught her, moving the hair from her face gently and rocking her back and forth. Her crimson blood stained my white shirt, but I didn’t care. I think I felt her soul separate from her body. /But to be honest,/ I think, pushing up her sleeve slightly to reveal the angry red lines there, /I’m pretty sure she died long ago./

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The poster child for the Hospital, she was a cutter. She attempted suicide four times and pussied out for each one. She was anorexic with bulimic tendencies, and she felt guilty just for eating. Problem was, she just played along with their little game. The girl never, ever got better. And she never would.

Who said she wanted to?

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Are Dark they keep the sun out of your eyes.. I Like them :)
They are pretty some look gross! But,
They Protect me!
My Eyes!
Amazing isn’t it?
Just another wonder on this beautiful world. ♥

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