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Her brother had a rug in his quarters. She stared at it from her spot on his floor, unknown to him as he slept in his bed next to her.
She hated that rug- it was shag.. She’d never liked the feeling of it upon her feet- even through socks or shoes.. especially right now in her bare feet.

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The crowd was thick with beings of all races milling about and minding their own business. She was just small and thin enough to weave her way through everyone with a bit of ease.
She knew she shouldn’t glance back so much- focus on the task at hand- but she needed to be sure he wasn’t still following her..
She looked again.
He was…

» Posted By Nic On 01.01.2019 @ 4:52 pm


When I think of broken, I think of hearts and the way a comical heart is two hearts sewn together. When you break a heart or have your heart broken, it hurts and it’s not fun. Everyone can only hope they don’t break their heart too bad.

» Posted By Nic On 09.08.2017 @ 9:25 am


degree? college? future plans? why is it that I have to know what I want when 6 months ago I had to raise my hand to use the bathroom. I’m lost in this world. especially in college, I’m not cut out for this shit. can I even do this?

» Posted By nic On 02.20.2017 @ 5:18 pm


i like receiving snail mail. they come from countries from all over the world. i recently received letters and oostcards from US, Lithuana and Czech Republic!!! i enjoy wriitng letters.

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I am captivated by the passion that runs through my body when I actively listen to others. I am able to hear their emotions and fully empathize with their past experiences. I beleive this captivation has led me to be the person I am today in the career I am in today. I think this notion is evidenced by my perception being more positive than negative, for example reading the word captive and twisting it to captivate in order to make it positive.

» Posted By Nic On 10.18.2015 @ 2:21 pm


Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.
On earth, perhaps heaven.
Man made, without woman.

» Posted By nic On 04.20.2015 @ 2:18 pm


It was the cutest animal I had ever layed eyes on. Her furry cheeks and matted hair made me sigh in awe. I didn’t really know what to think other than I have to protect this creature. So I scooped her up and brought her with me to the train station. I got a few odd looks from strangers but I didn’t mind. Her company made me feel warm and at home.

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crazy weird dumb a weird way of saying something

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Here are the things we see and do in everything,
Our entity,
I can’t even sing,
Sentence and synergy

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lulla lulla lullaby
lulla lulla lullaby
i rock you slowly
as time passes by

lulla lulla lullaby
lulla lulla lullaby
i love you most
my sweetiepie

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Soap is the cleanser, but what makes it clean itself? There is nothing to clean the soap. It gives, but never takes. The most charitable of amenities. Soap can never be washed of itself, but will always wash others.

» Posted By Nic On 05.09.2013 @ 10:46 pm


Determination is key. One without determination has absolutely no purpose on this planet. harsh, but true.
Where would any of us be today if it weren’t for those who were completely determined to discover something new. It doesn’t matter what it is you are determined to do, because in the end what it is you are determined to do, is all about, and all up to you.

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A square is a shape. It has four equal sides. It is also someone who does not like to have fun. Simply, a squre in both contexts has no edges and is simple, it is what it is supposed to be with no variables.

» Posted By Nic On 11.24.2012 @ 2:57 am


I learn even as I peruse the internet, looking for something that might interest me. I learn through reading, study, experience, and just everyday life. I will never ever stop learning while I am living.

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So far, sonar is the only way to communicate underwater. I think. So what.

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Straws are things that you use to drink things from, often drinks from fast food places.
Straw can also be found on farms, however this is a much different type of straw than the type that you drink from.
Straws are quite interesting.

» Posted By nic On 06.13.2012 @ 3:30 pm


disregard what you’ve heard, disregard what you’ve seen, i am something completely new and different. there is no one like me, not anyone, not anywhere. am i convincing you? do you believe me? if i say it enough, surely it’ll become true.

» Posted By Nic On 05.13.2012 @ 3:10 pm


like a pasta seashell
wrapped in your warm, noodly, delicious embrace
i am your tomato sauce
i’m your blood and organs, bitch

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ahhh morality, means so many different things depending on who you are and where you come from. Morality to me might mean living your life as you will without harming others. To someone else it might mea wearing certain clothing or restricting your sex life.

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“I was preoccupied at the time.”
“Well… Yeah… I was talking to my girlfriend, Amy, when the guy came in. I sort of shrugged him off and continued my conversation. I had no idea what he was about to do.”

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a place i love to lie down after a stressful day mmmm soft cushions all around me keeping me cosy and warm or even better when i’m sort of high its the best place to lean my head back and slouch and just get lost in my thoughts i also love when i clean up around the couch because i always find money that comes in useful being a poor student.

» Posted By Nic On 09.21.2011 @ 2:48 pm


plane, italy, car, train, subway, ny, nyu, school, job, teaching, money, career, frustration,

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Missed him. Missed the opportunity. Just…missed. I hate it. I should have remembered all the things I normally try to do. Drink water. Slow down! But no. Just because he said so. How can he have so much influence? It’s not right. But I can’t say I don’t like it.

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step. slowly, deliberately.
Love, with a passion not yet surfaced.
Laugh, with a fire, for everyone to see.
Smile. quickly, let joy spread.

» Posted By Nic On 07.30.2011 @ 11:25 am


Radios remind me of the 1940’s and war times when families would gather round and listen together and stories would be read through the radio. I love singing along to the radio with my family on long road trips. To me, radios bring people together. I like the simplicity of radios.

» Posted By Nic On 06.03.2011 @ 4:17 pm


“I know a secret,” Izabella’s voice was high, sing-songish; sprightly. It irritated Theo to his core. She raised her shoulders gleefully, “I’m not supposed to tell you, and you wouldn’t want to know.”
“Then why you even mention it, Izzie dearest?”
“Because I know it drives you mad.” It did. “And you know that I would tell you.” She would.
Theo sighed hard. “No, better not, Iz. If it’s about my examinations, Mademoiselle Ambroise would have kittens if she knew I was told.”
A wry grin lit up Izabella’s face. “Ambroise doesn’t have to find out. Unless you’re scared,” she chuckled.
“Scared, nothing. It’s called self-preservation; the woman would have my head,” Theo said, slightly flustered. She adjusted his cravat and tugged at his sleeves, smoothing them.
“You do so want me to tell you, Theodore. You’re positively brimming with anticipation. It’s most disengaging of you,” Izabella said as she took Theo’s gloved hand in hers. She did so like to make the young gentleman squirm.
“Well, if you’re so intent on telling me, then would you please tell me the secret?”
“Oh, now Theodore, my dear, that would be disloyal to the Academy!” She feigned some great wound, a hand on her brooch, her green eyes open wide with dramatic shock.
Theo sighed and grinned, defeated, and said, “have it your way, Izabella, my dear. Drive me mad, while you’re at it.”

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Dom stood in the candlelight with his back to Mr Jansen.
Jansen had an air of irrepressible satisfied triumph. He stood with a hand outstretched, his thumb holding a white envelope thick with the paper inside.
“It’s yours if you want it,” Jansen said calmly, a broad grin on his old, waxen face. “You give me what I want, you give me your brother’s whereabouts, how to find him, and I’ll make sure you get more than your fare share- more even than this,” he shook his right hand, indicating the envelope.
“And if I decline?” Dom was shaking, his fists were clenched and his palms were sweating. The hairs on his back and neck stood up, adding to his discomfort.
“If you decline, it will be,” Jensen paused to find the right word, his pleasantness was unnerving, “unfortunate, but I don’t think you’ll decline. I have what you need, and I have what your poor, dear sister needs,” he mocked theatrically, each word more gloating than the last. “You would be foolish not to accept.”
Dom turned to the old man, saw the small flames dancing in his eyes, a gleeful malice about his face. He would not succumb to that. He had read of Judas in old world scriptures. He was no Judas.
“Well if it’s all the same to you, then I decline,” said Dom coolly. For a moment he had actually weighed the options. He was not angry anymore, his choice was clear and made.
Mr Jansen’s face did not change.
“Oh, you sweet, noble idiot,” Jansen’s voice betrayed his demeanor. “I had taken you for the wise brother, not the dead one,” he laughed to himself, “well I suppose you’ll both be the dead one soon enough; you just get a head start.”

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Everything about the place was ornate, garish, and brighter than any place had any right to be.
Casinos in Henderson were not a new thing, but the individual joints themselves came and went faster than anyone, save a few residents, had even cared to notice. Oftentimes they wouldn’t bother laying off their staff; the buildings changed owners and names and carpets alone.
One week’s BANDITO CORRAL was the next week’s GOLD RUSH PARADISE, which was this week’s SIN PALACE.
Always the owner would buy the casino with the hopes of making a name they could sell to the next sucker who rolled into town, looking to cut his teeth in the business before tackling Vegas. The buyer would content himself in learning the ropes- a training ground of sorts, before courting his next victim and seizing his chance to ascend the ranks.
Just as the dazzling neon lights would draw in passers-by, tourists, and gamblers, so too did the scent of money and power attract the next would-be mogul, tantalizing like so many sharks to a drop of blood. An irresistible busted flush.

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With specific instructions like “do not, whatever you do, open this box,” the act of not opening the box was becoming increasingly more difficult as Cedric drove past the midnight hour. He hit the quiet interstate.
It was small, about the size of a bread box, or so Cedric imagined. He wasn’t quite sure how big a bread box was; he’d never even seen a bread box.
It looked like an ornate little treasure chest with a small latch and keyhole. It sat there, on the passenger seat, looking as tempting and irresistible as it could possibly will itself to, and Cedric passed a glance at it every so often.
“I’m not going to open you,” said Cedric, trying to convince himself more than the box. “I’m not. Now just sit tight and stop looking at me like that.”
He knew little more about his employer than he did the man in Tallahassee he was bringing the box to. It’s good money, thought Cedric, especially for a delivery job.
After another hour, he pulled off I-10 and followed the printed directions, as the box called to him, enticing him.
He ignored it with everything in him, knowing it wouldn’t be worth the risk of either the man in Tallahassee, or his employer, finding out. Idly he wondered what could be inside such an attractive unlocked box that could possibly garner such a hefty delivery fee. And why the secrecy?

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