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She coiled the string tightly around her index finger. Though it was starting to throb and turn an alarming shade of pink, she needed to know that she was still there. After everything that had happened to make her feel invisible.

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The pines stood like sentries, guarding the ancient forest from marauders and plunderers. Unfortunately, they were no match for a lumber crew wielding finely-honed axes.

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The bottles hung from the ceiling of the small hut. Filled with water, each glowed eerily with a small flashlight attached to spread the light. He sat in the corner, cross-legged, with a chipped plate in his lap, using his fingers to catch the remains of the gravy from his dinner, noisily sucking the last drops.

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They say that slow and steady wins the race. But wouldn’t quick and steady be even better? I’d rather be the hare than the tortoise, and run my little bunny heart out. Who wants to be beaten by a turtle??

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The tag said “Do Not Tumble Dry” but she never paid much attention to what anyone told her. Had to do things her way. Even if it meant her sweater shrank to her midriff with fresh three-quarter sleeves.

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The tag said “Tumble Dry” but she never paid much attention to what anyone told her. Had to do things her way. Even if it meant her sweater shrank to her midriff with three-quarter sleeves.

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I’ve been homeless for almost 3 years. Not “living on the street” homeless, but not having my own home. Crashing on friends’ couches, sometimes going home with someone I barely know. But I refuse to sleep outside like a dog. I may be poor, but I will keep the meager shreds of dignity I can.

» Posted By nedra On 06.03.2013 @ 11:16 pm


“Why are you so oblique? I have to explain everything to you like you’re a baby. It drives me crazy.”
“If you would just tell me what you mean from the beginning and not assume I can read your mind, I wouldn’t have to ask you over and over to get a straight answer.”

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He had bulging muscles, an Adonis-like facial structure and the kind of body that any woman would adore. But he was such a mental weakling that any physical attraction I might have felt was completely cancelled out.

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The weathered paint on the old barn mirrored the farmer’s craggy face. The peeling beams had seen chickens, cows and horses come and go over the years. And the sun-toughened hand had been the one to bring them in and usher them out, over and over until he was finally the one being ushered out to retirement.

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The upstairs flat was not much to write home about. And it certainly was nothing near feeling like home. The dingy windows, moldy grout and tattered carpet conspired to make sure that I would never feel at home in this place.

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You’d better think about what you’re about to do. This could have implications for the rest of your life. Don’t blow it. Don’t freeze up. Take some breaths. Clear your head. Then ACT!

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Though the years had pulled the skin down so the saggy jowls hung off his face like a basset hound’s, you could see the fine features he used to have hiding underneath the loose skin.

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What a swell guy he was. Or should I say “swelling?” Once I realized who that debonair, personable gentleman actually was, I’d punched him in the face and tied him up before he regained consciousness.

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His love of musicals gave it away. He was so careful to masculinize his wardrobe, his way of speaking… But within the first bar of “Hello Dolly,” he was belting it out along with Carol Channing like a star.

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Sometimes I can’t tell if someone’s for real. Kayla said all the right things, but the deadness in her eyes belied what I think was in her heart. Or maybe she meant it all.

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It was not a visit I was looking forward to, but it needed to be done. As I walked through the automatic door, a blast of air smelling like Vicks Vaporub, mothballs and death hit me in the face.

“I’m here to see my mother, Jean Smalls,” I muttered to the matron with the glued-on smile at the reception counter.

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A promise made is a promise kept. Or so he said. Fat lot of good it did me. His promises were always made and never kept. How I managed to believe them again and again, I am not quite sure. I wanted to believe. I really did. Now I know better.

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I carry that 3×5 inch index card with me everywhere I go. Since the accident I just can’t remember things like phone numbers, addresses, or even people’s names. Without the card, I’d be drowning in the world.

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“Now! I want it NOW!” The spittle flew from his mouth as he made his demand.

Of course it would be granted. What grandma can refuse a request from her adorable first and only grandchild?

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The fire raged out of control. Firefighters came at it with water, chemical retardants, their best equipment. Nobody noticed when the fire jumped to the next house, with the brand new granite swimming pool.

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“Just following standard procedure, Ma’am.”

“But when am I going to be able to get my husband’s body back? How long will it take?” she cried.

“I’ll file form BR-241 and submit it to the coroner’s office. Should be about 3 weeks.”

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The actual fact is that I killed him. I spent lots of time saying I was innocent, and I wasn’t there, and I would never – never! – do something like that. But I did. And I’m not sorry. Now there is one less jerk in the world.

» Posted By nedra On 12.24.2012 @ 12:45 am


Day 235. I believe I have an idea that might work. By attaching this iron-based rock to that empty coconut shell, it will amplify my cell-phone signal and perhaps alert nearby rescuers.

» Posted By nedra On 07.07.2011 @ 2:33 pm

Day 235. I believe I have an idea that might work. By attaching this iron-based rock to the empty coconut shell, it will amplify my cell-phone signal and perhaps alert nearby rescuers.

» Posted By Nedra On 07.07.2011 @ 2:26 pm


The problems stemmed from that first encounter. She came on too strong. He used humor to deflect her advances. It never progressed from there.

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“You’ll have to go into assisted living,” the nurse told me. “You’re just not able to take care of yourself alone.”

I knew she was right. Yet, could any one of us live entirely on our own? We all need others to help us through life.

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“I’ll have to take your history before I examine you,” the doctor said.

What should I tell him? Do I say my heart’s been broken three times? Do I tell him about the sadness in the pit of my stomach?

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He held me close, not with an ulterior motive, not with anything in it for him. He held me close because I needed it. I wanted it. I was drowning and he kept me from going under. He held my head above the breaking waves.

» Posted By Nedra On 06.19.2011 @ 9:57 pm


My mind wandered over to this page and I’m trying to herd it back to where it needs to be. My staff is simply a cursor and my herd is a flock of words. Fluffy words with minds of their own, wandering about.

» Posted By Nedra On 03.14.2011 @ 2:39 pm

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