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I stood in shock horror, my fingers clenching around the knife that slayed my lover. Breathless, I struggled to wipe the blood from my hands as I stare numbly at the corpse, fumbling mutely with my

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Your eyes were violet. That was the first thing I noticed about you. They were so odd and unexpected that I could’t help but look twice. Your hair was next. It was long and unruly and honestly resembled a bird’s nest, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if I found twigs and leaves in there. It was the color of hay, and I thought it was lovely.

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You’ve never called me touchy, just grumpy. But it means the same thing. I am not allowed to get annoyed and upset by your words or actions, but you are. You get upset for things you imagine me to have thought or said. But that is allowed, because that’s just the way your mind works.

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She fought fiercely. Each blow she dealt rang like a bell, piercing in the soft morning. The audience clamored for blood, and she was determined to not let it be hers.

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It was only one more move. All she had to do was to turn around, and there she was. Her lover, her best friend, the closest thing she ever had to faith, but she couldn’t. She was so scared, no, terrified that once she did, nothing would be the same again.

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She was three when he came. Large and looming, he took over her life. Her mom, her precious mother, stopped smiling. He was all hard knocks and rough shouts. She didn’t like him very much. (He never left)

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She used to believe in them. They told her that they’d look over her and watch her, but through every hardship, she waited and they never came. Now, she believes in herself, and that no one will help her, but her.

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Angels are where heaven is, they are holy and beautiful and pure and angelic. They wear white and have glowing skin and are just perfect. Angels can do no wrong, except for the Devil who was actually an angel for God but he turned bad. It’s quite sad for people to die but they get to become angels. I want to be an angel, a guardian one, where I can look out for people and keep them on the right path. Angels are people of God, God is our master and we love him.

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I stand here; with my arms above my head. My heart beating loudly inmy chest. I was just walking home. He’s looking at me with death in his eyes; the kind of devil you only see on tv. He’s here to kill. He’s here to kill me. I’m not ready to go.

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When you do something on accident. You didn’t mean to do something.

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what you do something

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i read the maze runner when i got it for christmas a few years ago and liked it alot. also when i was in middle school and thought i could write songs i wrote one about how my heart felt like a maze with tons of walls up so so high because of my dysfunctional family.

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French fries, roasted fries, full of Spur sauce fries… Dripping, drenched with sauce and a hint of salt and spice. The best kind of fries are end-of-the-week, so-exhausted, so glad-it’s-Friday kind of fries. The type you search high and low for the best source of the best slap chips in town.

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They clung to the rock as if their life depended on it; well I suppose it did. A hundred foot drop stood between them and their demise. Nothing would matter if they fell, nothing but the final view before the darkness took over. They scrambled for their lives, hoping that they would crest over the top before their strength completely disappeared and it was too late.

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Badge. It makes me feel guilty. I think of cops. When I think of cops I feel guilty. Why? I have no idea. I didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe I went over the speed limit on the way to work this morning. But that’s about the extent of it. I think that perhaps I just don’t trust cops. Why? Have you seen the news lately? There’s a lot of bad seeds out there.

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Is desserts spelt backwards – the very instance of a state for which what you need is a treat – to relax – to spend sometime concentrating on the finer things in life instead of being one part of a string that has become horrendously knotted. Stressed: it’s a word I’m fed up with – sick of seeing it on the sick notes that the doctor throws at me as though it’s a solution. Perhaps what I need is a trio of creme brûlées, not half an old oak tree taking up my HR file.

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The american was happy because he was free. He roamed the plains, drinking int eh deep, effervescent blue sky, the yellow sand, gritty with brown pebbles. He’d found his horse and called her Freda, for the first wife he’d never married. She died some months ago, and since then he had found himself here more often, in this cactus landscape of no boundaries and few barriers.

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Toothbrushes are soft and delicate, sometimes they’re rough and hard. I hate when you have to move the bristles to get the water off and half of it is sprayed in your face. Its awfully annoying but they do their job of getting your pearly whites nice and clean.

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He held my hands that were so much smaller than his own in a firm, but careful grip above my head. I teetered, and almost fell, panic over taking me, but he caught me. He cheered me on as I kept going, before I finally reached the wall. “Good job, Buddy!” Daddy said and my giggle pierced the air of the perfectly serene afternoon in the best possible way.

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This is biblical!

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Meanwhile, he would disturb the people in the bakery. I never had any idea why, but it was quite becoming of him. He would talk to each person in

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the routine of the day is the things you do the people you see not always the same routine but routine helps think helps us structure makes sure we do and say the right things at the right time because god forbid we should make a cup of tea too early or eat our toast too late routines make the world go round or something like that

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He hadn’t played the piano in a long time.

The piano in his living room was just there–a way to remember his past. The way he enjoyed spending his afternoons playing childish tunes while his mother smiled and corrected his notes when he played the wrong ones.

Those days were long gone.

Still, the piano stayed; not the grand from his childhood home, but a baby one that he polished whenever he had the time, but still barely played on. He wasn’t sure what was stopping him. It just felt wrong to use it.

He couldn’t let it go, either. The space would be empty without it. And still, it just sat there, waiting for the day when he was able to let it go, or when he would find the courage to play once more.

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she flipped out so suddenly it was as if the volcanoe next door exploded beacuae a tornado hit a sunami and an earquake shivvered through he depths of the earth. all at the sma e time. when she flipped out there was no turning back, her life had changed forever because of that simple word he said to her.

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he went undeteted, nobody knew who this man was. And that was the way he wanted it. Secretly he walked through school, he looked tough, nobody messed with him and thats the way he wanted it. Nobody asked questions, which was good. Safer for them, until one stupid girl changed it all.

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Doo boys judges fraternity friendship love strength parents sisters seniority faith togetherness belonging humanity forever. arms hard hugs. I wish I had brothers. brethren.

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desert and home and lost love perhaps a barren heart and soul after something importants been lost. its sad with no hope no salvation. someone needs to bring the rain soon to help

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desert and home and lost love perhaps a barren heart and soul after something importants been lost. its sad with no hope no salvation. someone needs to bring the rain soon to help

» Posted By natasha On 05.31.2013 @ 6:32 pm

desert and home and lost love perhaps a barren heart and soul after something importants been lost. its sad with no hope no salvation. someone needs to bring the rain soon to help

» Posted By natasha On 05.31.2013 @ 6:32 pm

desert and home and lost love perhaps a barren heart and soul after something importants been lost. its sad with no hope no salvation. someone needs to bring the rain soon to help

» Posted By natasha On 05.31.2013 @ 6:32 pm

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