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The wind was howling, silently, but steadily. Leaves rustle in the wind, twisting, turning. The air had a subtle scent of wood shaving, and minty toothpaste. The blinking green man of the traffic light seem to move slower today. It was then, he brushed past me.

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TICK. TOCK. TICK. TOCK. Time slips, people wait. Again. Again. Again.

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In a corner, a pair of eyes close
In the shadow, a pair of feet shuffle
In a crowd, a pair of ears plugged
In the light, a pair of hands cold

Solidarity, solidarity, solidarity.

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A harsh growl ripple through his throat, claws finding their ways instinctively toward the weakest yet easily exposed skin, the neck.

“Look at me.” He breathed, his red iris glimmering in the moonlight, “This is what I am, this! This savage beast is who you want as a boyfriend!”

The claw loosen, letting the terribly shaken girl slide down against the tree trunk as he turned his back towards her, pacing away, a heavy breath with each step,

“Who you now must forget…”

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The soundless footage was dim, slightly unclear, yet it was obvious what was going on.

He held her against the wall, his fingers tangled in her messy hair,
The watchers watched on, intrigued, eyes glued, body heating up.
One boy wolf whistled, stirring roars of laughter.

They watched him take her from the footage, from the start to the end.
Yet nobody could hear her

Cries for help.

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You really think it’s me who started all these? All these threats, murders, arson…
No. I never wanted to become a beast too. It is his father, his wretched father that snatched my wife’s life. But who is there to listen to me? The police? The attorney? The jury? The judge?

No, none.

Because after all, to them, my love does not bring justification to my actions.

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Eyes closed, arms raised;
Voices flowing together as one.
All the wait, All the faith;
Singing praises to the one that reins,

It’s all worthwhile, it’s all worthwhile.

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He nibbled the tip of his brush, eyes scanning the painting before him- left to right, left to right. Taking a deep breath to regulate his racing heart , he sat the pallette down and admired the painted woman before him. Based on the reflection in the mirror, he had finally completed the painting of his favourite person in the world – the female him.

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Slammed the door, clicked the lock.
She rummaged through the hidden plastic bag in the deepest corner of her drawer,
pulling out what lit up her face so quickly you cannot even imagine the sunken look a second ago.
“It’s time.” she grinned, eyes glistening with greed, tearing the wrapper open and stuffing her face with her favorite raisin bread, “Time to break fast.”

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“Well, well. It’s sure time for somebody to clean up this mess..” He thought as he licked the red liquid off his hands, staring icily at the stone cold body on the floor, a sadistic smile creeping up his bood splattered face.

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She was threw onto the ground, beaten, tied, gagged.
The dust flew up to her nose and filled her mouth, making her eyes water.
Yet what could she do? After all, she was grounded.

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I feel used. Being pressed on everyday. Tapped on hard. It hurts okay.
— Confession of a Keyboard

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Once a boy told a girl he was interested in her.
The girl showed no interest and walked away.
And the boy lived happily ever after, the end.

» Posted By narestars On 11.03.2012 @ 9:53 pm

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