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What is left to give?
I gave my time, my life, my value
I gave my heart, my tears, my joy
All for you, none for me

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 01.22.2015 @ 10:32 am


Everything went wrong today, staring with breaking my shoe laces. Then there was the flat tire.FML! The last straw was the train blocking my route to work. Nothing went right this morning. Except the fact that after all those delays I was 3 minutes behind the drunk who ran the red light and broad-sided another vehicle, killing the driver

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 01.19.2015 @ 2:07 pm


I rolled over in bed, turned my wife’s face towards me.
I whispered in her hear my desire.
To trust her, for her to trust me.
This was our time, our intimacy.
She knows my heart, my soul.

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 02.10.2014 @ 10:53 am


I see them in the street, dirty, worn out, clothes that should have been replaced a year ago. Their dirty faces peeking out behind the bombed out ruins, smoking, dusty, reeking.
Their parents killed, shot by the Germans during the pogram to cleanse the world of Jewish filth. They welcome the funny men with steel hats that speak in words they don’t understand. But these men have food, blankets and love.

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 02.07.2014 @ 7:53 am


It’s my daily grind to get up and get out of bed
To find something useful to do every day instead of work
It’s climbing that 13,000 foot peak
It’s my first half marathon
Watching my dad die from Lymphoma in a hospice unit

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 01.31.2014 @ 10:42 am


There is potential danger here. To my physical or emotional being.
The hairs on my arm stand up, my skin pricks in anticipation.
I am sweating and there is an intense know in my stomach.

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 01.15.2014 @ 2:38 pm


Smoky and full of fire
I feel the smooth burn
Just a few rocks to keep it mellow
But I miss the peatiness of a scotch
Mellowed, golden, smooth

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 01.10.2014 @ 6:57 am


Mobility for the immobile
My aunt after her broken hip
Aid, not dependency

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 01.09.2014 @ 9:46 am


I follow you with my eyes
my gaze, intent, as you pass me on the sidewalk
I see where you;ve been, where you are headed
I’ve lost sight

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 01.07.2014 @ 9:32 am


where we played as kids
more like creeks that pooled stagnant water
war games and bike jumps
more trouble than we could count
moss and water, mud and muck

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 01.03.2014 @ 7:15 am


It was what happened one hour prior to arriving at the party. The shit storm that manefested as inklings of clouds on the horizon. Just a few, dark clouds that didn’t quite portend the epic malestrom about to unfold

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 12.26.2013 @ 7:41 am


Ender and his platoon, facing unfair challenges.
Lined up against formidable odds, outnumbered,
Reacting and performing in unison to achieve their victory

Becoming teammates, leaders, friends.
Winning and losing together, working towards their common goals.

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 11.04.2013 @ 10:36 am


Intelligent and rational
Not my job
Not my life
What I had for lunch

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 11.01.2013 @ 3:07 pm


Growing… a seed, or life sprouts
New life, in process.
Warmth, enfolding like a blanket.
sprowting forth ideas, thoughts… germinating.
Becoming alive…

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 11.01.2013 @ 10:36 am


A temporal journey away from the mundane world. Engaging the audience in imagery of things imagined, real, or past. Making one see the world through the eye of the story teller and the lens. Challenging us to think outside the everyday experience.

» Posted By mtnslamgrass On 10.30.2013 @ 1:35 pm

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