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“Once I’m installed as king, I’ll be making some changes,” Rob said. “First, I’m going to get rid of that long leech that clings to Hogia’s backside.”

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Wolfe looked up at him, and an impish grin crossed his face. He bowed, his withered leg thrust out with all the grace he could muster. “Oh, stop it,” Kristan said crossly. “Robbie, come up here, please.”

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She was hungrier than she realized, and had wolfed down one bowl of stew and was in the process of helping herself to another when she felt Kristan’s gaze. She let go of the ladle, embarassed, but he only smiled. “I like to see you with an appetite,” he said.

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Heather squinted as the rising sun sent shifting patterns of light across the summer-still lake. There – a series of ripples as Kristan’s head broke the surface.

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Sunlight poured through the glass, playing strongly on the baby’s face. The child’s small features were screwed tight against the light, and with a few gentle words, Kristan bent to pick her up.

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He drew a circle in the sand with his forefinger. It pleased him when he was done; he made another circle interlocking that one, then another. When he had five he began to hum the Olympics anthem.

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He put his hand on his chest, monitoring his own heartbeat. There was no need to be so frightened; Avi had only spooked herself with the halves of the ball, and she seemed all right now. Yet his heart still hammered in his chest.

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His sleeves were pushed back to the elbow but no further. Further would have exposed the scars that laced his biceps. Even on the hottest days, his forearms were all she saw.

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The market trolley was an old one. Its push bar was rusted and the advert peeling; the wheels wobbled like a drunk after last call.

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He towers over me, at once threatening and awesome. I know he could swat me down like a bear swatting a rabbit, but I also know that a rabbit is beneath this bear’s notice.

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“Listen, pumpkin,” my mom said. “Clean up your room and do it right – no shoving stuff under the bed this time – and then I’ll think about whether you can go to the party or not.”

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Grief had etched great trenches of misery on either side of her mouth, parallels of wretchedness across her brow.

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Some said she was simple; the way she stared up at the sky, mouth open, made her look that way. She didn’t talk much, and when she did, it was in words of few syllables. But her head was full of ideas.

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Her first idea was a lemonade stand, but while Patty had lemons and water aplenty, the sugar jar was empty.

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“But we’re related!” Andi cried. “He’s my cousin. Why would I want to go to the dance with him?”

“Listen, stupid, he’s just an arm to walk in on,” Liesl said. “Once you’re there, you’re free.”

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She leaned down, examining the flower from every angle. She breathed in its scent; disappointingly thin. Snapping the stem, she threw the blossom into the compost heap.

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In wintertime, when the snow falls in gentle spirals from the slate-gray sky, Myra stands in the window and wishes for a cat, a bird, a husband, a child – something to turn to and say “Look! It’s snowing!”

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The rabbit turned toward him, its upright ears translucent in the early morning light, like twin beacons of sunrise.

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“It’s illogical to think that by harassing him, you’ll win him back somehow,” Angie said. “Leave him alone. He’s such a narcissist that he’ll probably get interested again; if he doesn’t, then no big deal.”

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He thought himself disfigured by the wounds, not only by the scars on his flesh, but by the damage to his soul.

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The fisherman winked at him as they wrestled the nets aboard. “What did I tell you?” he said. “Hard work, this, and long hours, but by gum when the fish are running this is the best place to be. Right here on this little boat.”

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She squatted and peered through the filthy little window into the oven. The cake was rising, that much was clear, but it was lopsided and gooey-looking at the center. She sighed and thumped her head against the oven door.

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In a patch of clover, he hesitated. The little rounded leaves were tender and the purple-tinged flowers nodded at him gently, but there were bees among them, and he was afraid.

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The rafters were alive with bats: some fluttering from perch to perch, some clustered together like somnolent bunches of grapes

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How can I write about the word “mispelled” when it’s supposed to be spelled “misspelled?”

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“I’d steer clear this morning,” Anna told me. “The latest report came in and she’s in a towering rage – throwing things and swearing like a sailor. I don’t know what happened, but it can’t be good.”

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“What do you think I am?” Liam snarled. “Some sort of servant? Your bellboy? Hump your own suitcases, dumbass.”

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She flipped through the swatches of fabric, fingers impatient and dismissing. “There’s nothing here I like,” she said. “Nothing light, nothing airy. Nothing gossamer. I want gossamer.”

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There it was again. A faint whispering cry, coming from the air duct: “Help me.” Only problem – the air duct is just four inches wide.

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Cornered, he thought, tapping his fingers on the arm of his chair as the two supplicants stood waiting for his decision. Nothing to do but give them permission to wed.

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