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auxiliary is a beautiful noun, that means helping, from what I know :) We must help each other in our daily life, because we are human, we are social people and we need to help each other because we always need someone in our life. :))
don’t know what to write X)

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doorknob is something in the door that we used to open a door. A doorknob is very useful, because without that we can’t open a door, or close a door. X) there is a lot of doorknob version in this world.
lol I don’t know what I’m writing. XP

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adviser is someone who can give advice to another people that is confused about choosing something. an adviser is a helpful job, because he can help people that is confused to make a decision, so that people will be able to choose the decision by the adviser’s advice.

» Posted By moniclarina On 07.12.2012 @ 4:16 am

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