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His name was Harry. Harry Hapless. He had sandy blond hair and a grin that looked malicious on a good day. Whenever the children saw him they would laugh and shout…

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I knew the minute I pulled the trigger. There would be consequences. Real ones.
My fingers trembled, but you can’t take back a bullet. I was going to have to disappear. Erase myself from the face of the earth.

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I was the third. The third born, the third to get ice cream and the third to die. I could feel my fate coming, it made the air pungent with the aroma of death.

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She was heavenly and ridiculously talented. So much so that everybody complemented her. That being said, he took a small amount of pleasure in his little starlit. He said so nearly twice as often.

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They were moving forward with the plan. It was different. It was new. It was insane. They didn’t know what they were getting into with this one. It would either be a hit or the government would be coming after them. Actually, it could be both.

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He saw her on the television. He didn’t know her name. She was that girl, the one from primary school that was always wearing the yellow sneakers and the Red glasses.

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