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A great rumble shook the earth. Buildings started crumbling. I heard people screaming. An awful grinding sound filled the air. I could hear pounding feet everywhere, but I was rooted to the spot. People were pushing a shoving, trampling each other in their haste to get away. I still couldn’t move, but someone pushed me along, helping me. A chunk of rock hit my arm. A sharp pain filled my body, and now I heard myself screaming. I fell to the ground, covering my head with my hands. The ground continued to shake.

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“Nice wheels, dude!” says my mate Tommo. He’s referring to my black BMW – I just got the tires replaced. “Cheers, mate” I say, “wanna go for a spin?” “Sure, dude!” he replies. That’s pretty much how our friendship works – me calling him mate, him calling me dude.

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The fence was hazardous. Sharp barbed wire was strung along it, rags of fabric could be seen where people had tried to get through. And failed. Every so often, you could hear an electric sizzle as water dripped onto it. You watched silently as yet another poor person tried to squeeze through the fence. You opened your mouth, but no words could come out. You were silenced by the fence.

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Snake. Bite. Those were the words that I didn’t want to hear. My dog had been looking sick for a few days, and mum took her to the vet. She was such a beautiful thing, I didn’t want to loose her. Her ears were so silky and she was a gorgeous chocolate brown. The vet said that we can only hope. She was getting worse by the day. On Thursday, we came home from school and she was gone. The tears wouldn’t stop. I grew up with her. I want her back.

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Spotlight. I’m standing alone on stage, freaking out. I can hear the crowd moving. They are getting bored. I take a deep breath and start to sing. My voice rings out pure and sweet, and the crowd roars. In what feels like seconds, I’m done. I’m sweating and I’m shaking so hard I can barely walk. My mum is waiting for me at the edge of the stage. She’s crying, and I hear her say that she’s so, so proud.

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A long, slimy trail followed his exit. He got up, having slid about two meters from the threshold, and dusted himself off. He thumbed his nose back toward the neon sign above the door, then turned and walked away.

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Standing on the edge, leaning over, he couldn’t make the leap. The blue washed over by waves of light reflected on the bottom invited him to plunge, but his reluctance won out. Until his toes gave way to the pressure of gravity…

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Slashed, stacked and scratched across every square inch of the cell – even the long-dead body was in the middle of scratching another one into a small space between two larger forms.

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Lurking beneath the creepy murky water, they romp; these swamp things seek to please the green leaves.

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The cell had been swept twice that day, in the morning after prayers, and in the evening after dinner and before prayers. The wax in the candle was still liquid when the detective arrived. The blood still spreading across the clean stone floor.

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Slowly swaying, the line of robed men shifted down the hall in the pre-dawn darkness. Ropes and tassels hung and twitched like broken clock hands.

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Gulp after gulp, Jeremy’s sorrow increased. If this is what his friends pushed him to do, then what of his enemies? The heavy cloud of night enclosed him and, instead of fighting it, he surrendered to it, and never woke up.

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Sneaky, skulking, slithering, slumping, the dejected and mal-intentioned lizard raced through the hallways setting traps. “Hellways… heh.”

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Panda… panda… panda, panda, panda… panda-panda-panda-PANDA! (BOOM.)

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“Sure,” the other man replied. “No, like beach,” the first said, trying to get his position across as succinctly as necessary. “Oh,” the other man said. “That.”

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Astray, astray, he stamps the butt into the ashtray, astray his parents cried longingly to the sky; astray her grandmother prayed every day, every day.

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Locked in a cold, dark room, he curled into a ball to try and keep warm, in hopes that his body heat would soon radiate to the cement floor under him, and the cold steel bed frame behind him. If he could create his own space within the cell, control a portion of his life, even if it was smaller than his allotment, he could be free.

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He held it in his view only a little longer. The roving pattern of streets formed – at that moment, from that angle – the key to his dying-breath question. Their curvature revealed flexibility within the rigid confines of the materials used to make them.

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Startled, he looked through the crosshairs one more time. There was a child. The man he had been sent to kill was there with his two-year-old daughter. A flood of unfolding potentialities rushed his mind.

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Bubbling and spitting over the open flame, the peanuts turned on the slow moving crank-shaft. Their skin popping off, their glaze dirtied sugary honey.

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Creepy, curling, choking the stone in the vaunted ceiling, the snake-like greenery appeared to run up and down the walls to the very arch point when the windows permitted the breeze to enter. No one had been here in a thousand years, and it would be another three hundred before anyone would come again.

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“Can concrete mold?” This was on his mind as a volcano of disgust erupted from his gut. He hated his neighbors so much that he would create fictitious science just to damn them with it.

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The rusty buick slid into the space. Now, 5 years after, it was a crumbling slab of concrete shot through with sprouting green. On the lower left was a muddy tire track from decades of the pulling up the same way.

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The city blocks bunched together in a cloister that made the citizens monastics in regards to opportunity; it was as though there were nothing outside the tenement buildings that lined this section of the city.

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The wings unfolded from the primordial slime; stringy stretching gelatin; the broad, colorful paddles promised flight.

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Squat, strain, push; the child felt freedom for the split second she was weightless.

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Higher than he had before, which was important because there was also more at stake this time than any other time before. There were crocodiles, snakes, spikes, and sewer dumpings down there. A fall would surely mean death.

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He bowed reverently toward the icon. The smell of burning beeswax candles and incense lay heavy in the air. One last time he crossed himself: three fingers pressed together ranging from forehead, to belly; right shoulder to left. Finally, a soft pat on his heart.

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The grill marks still sputtered from the flame. “Shit,” Gonzo said, wrestling his lunch back into his stomach. “How did he end up here?” The charred face held an absurd, eerie grin.

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Thick, juicy porterhouse slapped the plate and sizzled with crispness. His eyes bugged out of his head like Wiley Cayote; this was no ordinary piece of meat.

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