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The day he changed me was my end and my beginning, I couldn’t wait to start my life next to him, by his side forever. But this transformation will change me or make me stronger. I am not sure and I hope this way of me transforming into a wolf will be Gods plan for a better life.

» Posted By Mihaela On 11.16.2014 @ 12:07 pm

I can recall the momment when he transformed infront of me, pure and talented, a new aplha was being created, nothing more or else. I was ready to accept him as our new leader, but for the start I must win his heart as his mate and friend. What can I do if I dont win his trust and heart.

» Posted By Mihaela On 11.16.2014 @ 12:05 pm


I will love you forever and to be next to you as long as i live on this earth with you and our daughter because you make me feel complete in this life, on this planet
love you ciuci.

» Posted By mihaela On 01.09.2013 @ 6:35 am


the bed is covered with a blanket . the blanket is red and has stripes. i want to caver the cat with it to keep it warm because it is cold in the house.

» Posted By mihaela On 09.03.2012 @ 8:52 am


A thread is something that can essentially keep situations/people/inanimate objects together. It is something that can hold conversations, possibly allowing others in something bigger than themselves.

» Posted By Mihaela On 08.16.2011 @ 12:42 am


one world is this one we are living in right now, and have been all these years. this one world is different from all the others and should stay like this. keeping its identity, the many identities it has.

» Posted By Mihaela On 05.07.2011 @ 11:23 pm


<3 integrity. it complements the ego so well.

» Posted By mihaela On 04.09.2011 @ 5:33 am


i would like to believe that if i were waiting for a sign, this word of the day would be it. however, i am unfortunately so apathic and bored out of my mind that i’m not even waiting for a sign to mobilise myself.

» Posted By mihaela On 04.06.2011 @ 8:50 am


lol. however? i wasnt expecting that. i’m not much of a however-person (whatever that is) because my spoken language tends to be as simple as possible. unless i get drunk i suppose, then a lot of more flamboyant/inexistent words will find their way into my speech

» Posted By mihaela On 03.24.2011 @ 10:31 am


i think heels are nice. i’d love to be able to walk better in them. i’m usually too lazy to choose the heels if i have the option of wearing flats. but yes, i love long, sleek elegant heels on a pair of eye catching black shoes.

» Posted By mihaela On 03.16.2011 @ 5:57 am


being somewhat introverted, i quite enjoy wandering around. and then thoughts and ideas freely wander into my consciousness, unlike now.

» Posted By mihaela On 03.15.2011 @ 5:25 am


i’ve lately been obssessed about nature and to some extent, pregnancy. i dont know why and hopefully my subconscious wont be tricking me into any surprise pregnancies anytime soon. but yes, green fields and happy babies – obsessed, i say.

» Posted By mihaela On 03.13.2011 @ 10:52 am


ooooh scarves. i like scarves as of late, ever since my inner fascination with the lavish, decadent lifestyle began. the more colourful, the better. and all kinds of fabrics. goddammit this is subliminal advertising for accessorize isnt it? must..resist..the urge……i give in.

» Posted By mihaela On 03.11.2011 @ 11:21 am


There are almost two cows in the backyard of the ugly man across the road from my home. They almost turn around after eating all the grass that the lawn is made of. They look quite scarry.

» Posted By Mihaela On 03.07.2011 @ 9:40 pm


cheap makes me sad :( unless its cunningly disguised as ‘a bargain’. slow brain day.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.28.2011 @ 12:19 pm


i find keychains enormously entertaining, especially the round squishy ones, or the shiny colourful ones. in fact i think i should start collecting/hoarding them. my horoscope says i should surround myself with lavish trinkets so what better way to start?

» Posted By mihaela On 02.27.2011 @ 2:20 pm


oh woohoo yeehaw yessir i like this word. i’m young therefore i vainly like to believe i’m strong and can move mountains. i solemnly promise to try to hold onto this belief for as long as i can, even when i look at myself in the mirror 20 years from now and realise not everything is quite as i had imagined it when i was rapidly typing on my keyboard.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.26.2011 @ 2:35 pm


I think tables are those kind of objects you take for granted, dont really notice, but which you;d probably miss if they suddenly disappeared. personally i like my tables dark brown, sturdy and slightly shiny. or colourful and full of intricacies.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.25.2011 @ 1:03 pm


I dont care about barbers, i just needed an _outlet_ to vent my frustration. I can’t believe how depressing today was. aaand writer’s block.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.24.2011 @ 12:42 pm


i used to love spending my days in the sun sitting on high school benches back in the day (aka 5 years ago). it was really nice and soothing, especially since i was surrounded by all my close friends.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.23.2011 @ 11:31 am


mmmango. i love mangoes because i love all fruit. although to be honest, i have a secret to confess. i prefer canned mango to the real fruit. or mango juice. i dont know why, it’s probably because i’ve never been properly initiated to real mango eating. oh well, another thing for my to do list.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.22.2011 @ 4:57 pm


great still the same word. i thought it’d changed by now. anyway, i was ranting about this yesterday, venting my frustration of having missed the day when chocolate was word of the day, but somehow managing to be here for outlet. twice. i also said how the best kind of outlet is one that makes self expression easier. woo.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.22.2011 @ 5:23 am


My laptop microphone is such a bitch, i can never get it to work, I generally hate talking into a microphone, i hate anything that distorts my voice or gives me some weird accent. I prefer live, open communication. I wish i had stronger more developed opinions about this.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.13.2011 @ 3:07 pm


Being in charge? I like that. Unfortunately the fast, dynamic part of my brain is broken. But yeah, charge and stuff. Fun.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.12.2011 @ 3:03 pm


A revolt is something quite healthy sometimes, whether it refers to a mass revolt or just a personal one, where you revise exactly what track you’re on. I wish i could add more pearly wisdom on this topic but my knowledge of revolts is biased as i am currently undergoing one :)

» Posted By mihaela On 02.11.2011 @ 2:44 am


well in one simple sentence: jordan is a coward. and im trying to psychoanalise that out of him. a coward for me is someone who can’t take responsibility for his actions, finds countless excuses to not do things that may be beneficial for him and just overall misses out on life.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.10.2011 @ 5:45 am


fragrance..mmmm :) i love all perfumes in general, there’s some sort of zen respect i hold for them. oh and i loved perfume: story of a murderer. i have some sort of attachment to everything that has to so with fragrances, scents, nice smells in general.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.08.2011 @ 3:35 pm


alarm? well i have nothing personal to write about this so my heart’;s not really in it. well i guess i could rant about having my alarm go off at any hour in the AM. but lately i got a really catchy tune set as my alarm and it makes waking up early bearable. the first two times i heard it, i even woke up in a good mood. but generally, alarms. not cool.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.07.2011 @ 1:18 pm


I used to be a controller but i don’t know what happened to that. It used to be fun, I was being myself and I wasnt too power crazed or anything. I lost a lot of that side, and i wonder why. Either way, im getting it back. It’s nice being heard.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.06.2011 @ 2:47 am


Oh boy do i hate this word. I have quite the history with it. I somehow manage to surround myself with too many suicidal people. Firs my best friend several years ago and lately the Englishman. Seriously, there is nothing special about suicide. Give it up. Live.

» Posted By mihaela On 02.04.2011 @ 12:07 pm

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