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Classical is a type of music that consist of musical instruments joining together to bring a lovely sound to peoples ears. It can be loud, soft, and quite peaceful. Also, there’s no voices in it.

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The man from steel confused tormented unquestionably scared, his eyes become glassy doll-like staring at the face of death falling in a heaping pile of mud.

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She scoffed, there’s no such thing.

Monsters were not some imaginary, ugly things that hid under your bed— they were every day people. She, of anyone, knew this well.

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Little did they know, this vaccine would not help them, but rather hurt them. I created it specifically for that purpose. To harm. To kill.
A few had caught on in the labs, asked me a bunch of questions. I have given them the first dosage, a little for each of them.
That is how this all started.

» Posted By Mia On 07.03.2017 @ 2:09 pm

The vaccine was supposed to cure us, not hurt us. It was said to be the next plague, a warning from God some called it. I was worried, who wasn’t? And when the new anchor told us of the cure, the vaccine, I jumped for joy. This might work.
It didn’t. It worsened the virus until it really was a plague. It killed millions, billions, of people. My family is only four of them. Four that nobody but me would miss.
The vaccine brought on the apocalypse, the apocalypse that would destroy the world.

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lily Jastrzembski went scuba diving in Florida. she saw immense structures of coral and saw fish of all different colors. she then s

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Just to clarify, i’ve never been very good at understanding. What frustrates me the most, i think, is when I can’t even see to explain what i’m looking at. There’s nothing worse than not getting it. Can you clarify?

» Posted By Mia On 07.08.2016 @ 7:13 pm


When I think of congregate, I think of movies. Crowds. Concerts. Live at five last year. I hate being drunk. Getting fired. Those were two different occurances. Little skirt. No Daddy. Little girls get into trouble. Congregation. Church. Crying in church in college.

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The client walked in with a smug smile on his face. as if he had already organized and arranged the deal that would be made. His firm hand grasped mine and his blue eyes looked at me. “Nice to meet you ma’am.” I rolled my eyes at the absurd country accent. Not a thing has changed. “Hello old friend.”

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Candles are clustered in groups of three creating a circle around a silver cup and a set of silver bells. She is seated in the center of the circle, another instrument, settled into it’s place.

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Outlined, defined, fluid and visually perfect. This little town was every last one of those and each time I looked, I could only say it was neat. What type of analyzer am I?

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I am not neat. My life isn’t categorized into one section, and neither are my feelings or my things. Its almost as if i have one big clump of things representing me, and my damage, all together. Nothing is sorted out and nothing is straight. I am all over the place, the definition of indescribable and painful clutter. I don’t exist in a neat world. So why am I here?

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the time in between bus journeys to school watching you sit in the back row with your friends and not mine

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time to get from somewhere to the next and back again before i’m too late and miss it

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There once was a Gardner that lived in Italy, his name was Carlos. He had a garden with anything you could ever need, such as rosemary, olives, apple’s and so on. Every Saturday Carlos would load up his cherry red truck and head into town.

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Green, red, brown, yellow…no blue. Where were the blue? An entire bag of M&Ms and no blue?

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Katie didn’t ask to move to nowhere, USA. She didn’t ask to live across the street from the only entertainment in 150 square miles, a rinky dink one screen theater playing old black and white horror movies.

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I can’t sleep. It’s so hot. My bed sheets are soaked through. I get up and take a basket filled with wet sheets and dirty clothes down to the basement. At least it’s cool down there. The door creaks and the dirt and stone gives off a musty smell. Footsteps from my neighbors on the first floor sound like they’re coming from the coal cellar. I picture zombies and murderers slowly making their way into the barely lit laundry room, but at least it’s cool down here.

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I can’t take my job. The monotony, the drama, the bureaucracy, it’s all too much. Without my hobby I wouldn’t be able to get through a single day in that office. I scream out my stress and finish my masterpiece. The Artist, that’s what the reporters call me and they are right.

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This was her breaking point. It was tiny, nothing really, but she was done. She could take the way he chewed and his perpetual lateness. She was okay with his ability to kill a six pack in one sitting, but this was more than anyone should have to handle.

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She isn’t comfortable with this part of the night. They always come in twos, dark shadows across the walls before they are standing in front of her. Their business suits are stained and ragged, but there skin is clean and they smell like carnations. She hands them a list of names and they point at three or five or eight. She points out the refrigerated doors housing those poor people. She scurries out of the room before she has to see, but the quiet liquid sounds follow her into the waiting room.

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The dishes remained in the sink, the wine in it’s glass, candles burnt to stubs. It remained. Nobody else did.

» Posted By Mia On 03.19.2015 @ 1:26 pm

First they cut me open with one of those saws, the big ones that cut through bone. Then they pry my ribs open so they can get to my insides. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t feel like anything, but nobody can keep their sanity when someone’s weighing their liver and cutting into their stomach.

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He’s in my head. His voice is a booming roar and mine struggles to be heard. I think one thing, but I’m already doing another. There are no other options. His voice is booming.

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Sleepy and lazy, the giant stuffed animal eyes the large jump that would land him in the middle of a plush green comforter. His consideration does not last long. Too much padding would have to be jostled and it was not worth the effort.

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Old, but not ancient. Graying on top, but still fit and active. He’d never married and never had children. He was not a grandpa, but these people, all of them criminals and outlaws, had become his family. He didn’t mind the misnomer so much anymore.

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The doll was beautiful. Big eyes, curly hair and a huge smile. My daughter loved it. She carried it around with her everywhere. They had tea parties and giggled in pillow forts. They rode imaginary dragons together next to pretend castles. Walking by her room, the giggles flowed out around me. My daughter asked the doll a question and though I couldn’t make out the answer that came from the plastic doll, it’s voice was adorable.

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It stared slow, a few people showing up with bottles of wine, but by the time she stumbled out of her 4 inch heels, cocktail in hand there was an urgency in the crowd. If she didn’t do something soon it would explode.

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For an extra $10/month I have access too all 400 premium channels. Everything from the Ant Farm channel to the Church all day channel. But my favorite is much darker than that. Her screams linger even after I turn off the TV, but it’s not real…right?

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The table is cluttered with half finished dishes. 12 courses and the food is still coming. New dishes are set atop old. Gluttinous men and women use forks, chopsticks, hands, to stuff food into their mouths.

» Posted By Mia On 03.09.2015 @ 10:57 am

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