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The young couple stood, unknowing, unseeing. She didn’t ow that the observer had gathered all of the nesecary information about her to move in for the kill – or that he was her beloved.

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You have 60 seconds to write about this word!

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Something that not everyone knows, but they often think they do. I can create or destroy it. I can seek it and find it or fall hard trying. I can trust others will bring it to me, and they can, or they can’t. I can never know but He will, and my soul cries out for Him as He is the only thing that is true.

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There you can have photos. It can be colorful or not. Wall is empty until you fill it with something. Wall keeps house hold.

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Once upon a time, there was a man in the habit of sitting on my rooftop. I know not why he did so, but he was there, a constant presence that filled my heart with wonderment for many years. I never knew his name; I only knew that he seeked companionship through my smalltow neighborhood. And I came to love him. But it was the kind of love that comes from a fondness of familiarity.

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The stupedest thing I heared! Why would you ask that!/

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pizza bagels boring not cool tiring not fun I’m bored help me

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once upon a time there was a museum which was very interesting. There were plenty of art pieces from all times and authors. There was a painting by Van Gogh which was called Sunflowers. I loved it!!
After the visit to the museum we went to the restaurant where everyone was waiting for us.

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I don’t really know much about sports as far as modern things. But I know I grew up watching and liking sports, and I played a lot of them. Many people don’t think that figure skating and dancing and such are sports… but I definitely do. Dancing is also an artform, sure, but those people have to be athletic! And there are rules… just like in a sport. I wonder what the definition really is.

» Posted By Meri On 01.17.2011 @ 10:03 pm


someone to look up to to look to as a role modle. In ancient times and even modern day religions they worship different types of idol. There is a popular tv show called American Idol. Some idols were made of gold and some idols where or are made of stone, some are made from wood….

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is a tasty food tahat you must have in misosoup or you will surely die a ansty death with your mother watching at your window and cursing the day you were born. so, buy your tofu or perish a sincirely assy death with oyur little son underneath you chocking to death also, because he is not old enough to get out of your fat way, because you chose bacon over tofu, you asshole, so choose right, choose tofu, or you will surely perish!

» Posted By meri On 01.24.2010 @ 1:22 am

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