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I guess I shouldn’t have killed him. Not like that. I had forgotten the cameras, the crew, the audience. Blind rage had taken over my mind and I had been unale to contorl my thoughts and actions. Weak, on my part, I know. How could I forget them?

» Posted By merc On 01.31.2014 @ 4:05 pm

I think my time is up. as a television host I was alwyays respected, until I killed the little boy under the stage. It wasn’t wise, I suppose. Of course it wasn’t. Even less wise than being caught in the act. How did I miss the crowd next to me, above me, all around me? Maybe I’m worse than I think. I’m such a good person. Right?

» Posted By merc On 01.31.2014 @ 3:26 pm


Im always careful with my surroundings. It makes my family happy and my girlfriend fell like I’m smart enough to take care of myself. I wonder if a I have kids if they will be safe.

» Posted By Merc On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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