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There’s an amount of love you can give until it becomes far to much, its small line, so small sometimes you don’t even know you’ve crossed it. but when you have everyone around you makes it very clear. this because giving to much love is very dangerous and the people around you, they don’t want yo to get hurt. Maybe that’s why?

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I will raise from the ground, from the pits of hells, because my love for you will last forever, it will never end, My love will make me rise, for I have no choice, Im better than all of this. All of it. And so I shall rise to clame what is mine.

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I didn’t know what major to take, I never know anything these days, I mean, come on. I just used two negatives in one sentence, makes sense, right? Well that’s the story of my life isn’t it? But I guess you wouldn’t know that would you?

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I had to find it, the perfect match, I would have to combine pure power and intelligent, and innocents and fun. How? If I want him to love me at lest half as much as I love him, then I need too. So I will, I have too.

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I walked into the spa cringing. Why the hell am i here? This isn’t going to solve anything, i must have been having a weak moment of depression when agreeing to come here. This day was going to be so embarrassing, it was going to ruin my reputation. My life.

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My life is so dry, so empty. I have nothing since he left me. Now his gone I’m on my own, im all dried up, I’ve never felt like this before, i feel so useless. Why am i here? I mean nothing. My life is so dehydrated.

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I have refused to do many things in my life, its an easy thing to do, most the things i refuse to do, i regret not doing later, but not this time. I was never going to do this. I shook my head “no.”
He placed his arms around my waist, i winced back. “Why?” He asked me smiling, i was repulsed by his touch.
“No.” I repeated “Never.”

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“No, its not that its the whole concept of us being together, its the whole idea that you didn’t trust me. And quite frankly; How dare you.” I found that my quiet condescending voice was far more meaningful than shouting at Lucas, its what really got to him and i was so damned angry.

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i don’t need anyone’s approval in life, ever.
I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do or where i can go. I don’t need anyone in life, I’m on my own. I don’t need my parents my family, friends or him. I never needed him.

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“But he said ‘ text me’ does that mean i should…” Katie wondered off
I interrupted her “It means if you want to see him again. Text him.” I smiled at her.
My mind was else where. It was with MY him. As was my heart.

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Thats what it all started with; a dare.
I have never wanted to touch one of those things but, okay i guess im not making much sense. My dare was to awaken a spirit with an Oujia boared. Dont get me wrong i know what they do but it was do the dare or get done for the drugs. I guess its not really a dare, its more of a forfit. I wish i’d never of got involed with those people, thier bad.

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I have a secret. Everybody has secrets, some are small and some are big. My secret is that i love him, the one boy that i am forbidden to love, like in countless fairy tales my favorite always have forbidden love, but you never want to experience it first hand, i promise, its wonder fall, what wrong with that i hear you asking? Its a secret, you cant tell anybody or you may as well be dead.

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I held the camera. Antique and beautiful in every way, i love this camera it’s taken so many memoreys and put them into pictures. Pictures of me and him, him and me, in love.

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I saw him with he camera out of the corner of my eye. “Luke.” I whispered leaning in closer to him “Dont look now but we’re being filmed.”
“What?” luke asked
“I love you silly!” I giggled as Luke frowned at me
“I..I love you too.”
I leaned into him ” Look to your left. We’re being filmed.” Luke slowly turned his head.
“RUN!” He shouted as i leaped to my feet and ran with his hand locked into mine.

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How many methods can i have? How many plans and plots and schemes can i think of, can i use before i realize its no use. Before i realize he will never fall in love with me unless i have the confidences to clearly make the first move. I’m beginning to realize that unless i say something or do something bold, nothing will ever happen between us and i see myself loving no one else. Ever.

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“Its in the top cabinet.” He smiled at me,
I smiled back, “I so totally knew that.” I reached up to the hard decaying cabinet and pulled the brass handle. This moment would change our life’s forever.

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Miss Turner smiled at me “Alice, you may go with Oliver for this term, work on a piece that is based around a prop.” My drama teacher held a torn photo of a broken heart. That meant we were to do a scene about love. Inside i was screaming with happiness!

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“I hope you will chose not to change your statement, its fr you own Good.” The lawyer threatened me. What should i do? Follow my heart and love and change my statement to go against my father and for him? Go against my own blood? Who was i kidding? I would change my statement for the good of the boy i love. Roles swapped my father wouldn’t plead for me.

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You are the one that holds me,
My protector, i love you.
When you hold me nobody else matter i see only you, you only, forever mine, I love you so much and you have no idea how much you mean to me. Its unreal, how can someone love someone so much and them not even know you life on the same plant as them?

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All the fuses in my heart exploded when i set eyes on him, i felt faint, i felt butterfly in my stomach and dizzy. Was my heart beating faster or had it stopped? Is it doing both?
I love him.

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“Wouldn’t that just be the icing on the cake?” Charlotte smiled at me “Having Oliver there, you never know, he might just fall in love with you!”
I sighed at her “Yes and they we’d kiss and get married and live happily every after.”
“Why not?” She grinned, i couldn’t help but laugh with her.

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“Lacey you know im on my patrol tonight.” My father looked at me. “Cant you go out With Jessica or Charlotte or that boy your always taliking about to them, whats his name? Oliver? Hang out with him.” Yeah, if only, he’ll never love me, ever.

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“….Use the sonar to see clearly.” The instructions stated. What the hell is a sonar? I asked myself. Oliver looked towards me with a face as confused as mine “I give up.” I placed the instructions on the table. “Hey, dont get upset about it Cass.” He smiled at me

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“What is an auxiliary Eliza?” The b*tch of a teacher asked me, damn it! why didnt i listen more? “Eliza?”
“I dont know miss.” i looked down.
Miss shook her head. ” i thought as much.”

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I placed my had on the old dirty doorknob. “Dont.” Oliver placed his hand on mine. “dont do this, you dont have to.”
I stared at him right into his dark eyes “I do.”
“No you dont, why?” He asked in a whisper “I love you, isn’t that enough?” No.

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“Turbines” She grinned.
“What?” I asked confused
She raised her eyebrows at me “You know what i mean. This house, it needs turbines.”
“Um sure…” I laughed at Lacey

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He chucked the bucket over my head. “Well that was random.” I smiled at him.
“You love me really.” He smiled as he lifted the bucket so i could see, i smiled back. “suits you.”
“Oh, trust me, i know!”

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i held the overalls in my arms, my possession every single one had been taken, stole, from right in front of me. I had no choice. This way the only thing i owned. He even took my heart.

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I have never had a detention in my life but if i wanted to get close to him, If it was the only way of him even looking at me, If i had no other choice… My parents would KILL me but it was for love, whats that saying? Alls fair in love and war. I love him, a stranger, but not for long. <3

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Lately my life has been hanging with me, hanging on a broken harness. My life has been broken into a million pieces, more than one thing has happened, i have been hurt emotionaly and physically. I believed in love, now i believe that you cant trust anyone. Even the boy you fell in love with. Now im going to climb to the top of the rope on the harness, Im going to be fine.

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