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She was stuck in the middle. Should she side with her father this time or her mother? She felt like a rubber band being pulled in opposite directions until one day, she snapped.

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Third place. I don’t want to write. I’m worried someone’s looking over my shoulder even though I’m facing a wall. Plus, if someone was looking over my shoulder, then they would be the creepy once, seeing as it’s quite a hassle to step behind this narrow aisle by the seats anyway. Why would anyone look over MY shoulder anyway? I’m not doing anything special, besides staying in Starbucks for a few hours with a laptop and books and my binder and what not. Why would they look behind MY shoulder ? Why do I think I’m so special and entitled to all this unwanted attention? I’M NOT SPECIAL. I’m not a lucky snowflake in the world until I prove it. Why should I believe I’m even third placei n the world? Why should I believe I was lucky enough to get to that point? I’m right now mehh place. And it’s not like I’m doomed to be there, unless I believe all these thoughts that I should be, Resistance, which is not personal whatsoever and is the bad in the world and I’m so much better than that. Not that I’m saying I’m special. Because I’m not. Though I want to believe I’m special. But not better. Then why should I try to better anyone else? BECAUSE IT’S NOT ABOUT BETTERING ANYONE ELSE. IT’S ABOUT BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE. WHICH IS LIMITLESS. REPEAT – LIMIT-LESS. Be who you want to be. You want to be a bestselling authoer? THEN BE A BESTSTELLING AUTHOER. How? By READING A SHITLOAD OF BOOKS TO LEARN FROM THE BEST AND THEN SPENDING HOURS WRITING TO LEARN THE CRAFT. Want to travel teh world? THEN BOOK A TICKET. Don’t have the funds? THEN LEARN HOW TO GET THE FUNDS WITHOUT LOSING MOTIVATION. Nothing is lost. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it’s all existing in the universe. I think I’d like science. I like these laws and they can be used for wriitng and life. So, motivation is not created nor destroyed. It’s here. It’s up to me to kick resistance out the door – where does it go? If it can’t be created or destroyed? CHANGED. CHANGED INTO SOMETHING BETTER. SOMETHING GOOD. Taht I can use. That we all can use. Because we are all connected. And anyway, tha’ts how I feel abou tthe world ‘third.”

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The desert was hot, barren, lost and forgotten. I sat, surrounded by sand and by sunshine that shone down in a halo of heat. Far off in the distance I saw you. Saw your shadow grow in the setting sun and saw your black hair shoot through the continuous nothingness. There you were; my oasis.

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boots were made for walking. never in my life did I think Id use them for anything but. And yet, here I am. My adrenaline is pumping and my heart is racing. and the heel of my treasured loubition stilleto leather boot is covered in the acidic blood of my best friend.

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A cave is a dark hole in the wall of earth that can stretch for a length of space or can be very tiny, like a burrow for a small creature. They may be exceedingly wide or very narrow, so that only snakes can fit through freely. They seem to hold many secrets.

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A compass is an amazing tool it can be very helpful and can be useful in countless ways. Say you are lost in a forest and can’t seem to find your way out, the only knowledge you have is the direction you need to go but where that is you don’t know exactly. What are

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dirt. gross. something that i plant my flowers in and my dog also craps on it. I do not like soil since it is brown and muddy and will get all over your clothes but i like how it is a home to many different species. this is a hard word to write about!

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The doorknob was stuck. I needed to know what was behind it. But I couldn’t open it. Then it bursted open and slammed me in the face. The one eyed monster.

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The reporter was the women who changed my life. She was the one who interviewed him, and made him seem so bad… But it was the exact opposite.

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She knew this place like the back of her hand, but the old Greek artchitecture seemed to look different at night. Maybe it was the way the moonlight hit the tops of the columns, or the fact that she couldn’t see five feet in front of her. But she didn’t have time to stop and stare, she needed to keep moving.

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If your in a dilemma, remember one thing. KEEP CALM. You’ll only make the situation worse if you freak out. :)

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She was born to transform. For four generations, the Bone family had done it. It had become a part of her daily routine.

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“Oh no!” she thought. The clock was a minute from midnight, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to leave the castle in time. Her transformation would soon take place, and she it wasn’t pretty.

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She pulled the stunt perfectly. The crowd went wild, fans cheered, and her whole team ran up to congratulate her. But that was just a dream. Siera knew she would never be able to pull a cheer stunt like that ever again, especially after her accident.

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“You can do this.” Ella thought to herself. She was the World’s Cheer Compitetion, and she was about the pull the worlds toughest stunt. Being a flyer wasn’t easy for Ella.

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You can’t imagine the way it feels when we’re not together. Or maybe you can. Either way, it’s nothing like being with you. When I’m with you, happiness reigns supreme over every other emotion. Nothing matters. My attention is not fleeting, and neither is yours. When we’re apart though, separate, all I can think about is the chasm. The chasm that keeps me from touching you, holding you, kissing you. And all I can do is think about how much you love me to keep me plowing through. If not for that powerful feeling, I would already be gone.

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I was on the beach, lying on a towel with the sand strewn awkwardly beneath it. My sunglasses were propped on the tip of my nose as I surveyed the scene unfolding before me: a young girl’s older brother, I presumed, had just knocked over the largest tower of her sandcastle. ‘Poor thing,’ I thought, but didn’t rise to separate the now-bickering siblings. It wasn’t my place to meddle in others’ business, so I simply pushed my dark lenses over my eyes and settled back against the towel beneath my head.

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combinations you and cake and ice cream pb and j hummmmmm i dont know anymore uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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what is an apifinay . its such a wierd word. lalalalalala apiphiny…. so strange. hmmmm im running out of time…. oh noooooooooooooo hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. woooohhhh this is sooof wierd!

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Held by the one you love, desiring affection and attention. You are loved, showing how much you care, how much you want to comfort the other. Together you are inseperable and loved by all, love pumps through the veins.

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a flower. beautiful. lovely. comes up in the spring time. also the name of a power puff girl. something that blooms. a mature flower. a plant. gorgeous. fresh.

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i’m asking you what your name is, i’m asking you what you’re doing here. ‘just thinking’ you answer solemnly, facing three quarters away like a clock, like i was out of your time…i reached out and touched you on the thigh and you shook. ‘thinking about…?’ and you look at me incredulously, full frontal, the smoke exhaling like fog as you carefully answer, ‘thinking about you.’

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rider was proud of annemarie for jumping into the chilly water. he was proud of the way she thrashed, accidentally kicking him but nevertheless, he was prouder than proud as she came up and gasped, shivering and shaking and she swam haphazardly towards him. he was alabaster against the cloudy blue, she was milky. she shook and asked if she could jump in again, and he just smiled. he watched her spine shudder as she walked away.

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she fluorished in the sunlight.

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