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They were like little ants. They queued up in neat tidy lines, filling up the rows, standing at attention. They all looked up to their leader like he was some kind of messiah.
He scoffed. His best friend was no messiah, guy had said it himself, at least a million times.

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He sits in a field of flowers. His face is hidden by a rusted fog lamp helmet. The light within flickers incessantly, blinding the space around him sharply. His hands clasp loosely onto an oversized giant scissors that whines loudly with each snap of grass. Danny holds his breath as he turns back, trying to pretend that wasn’t blood he saw on the greying silver edge.

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She was one-third of three, identical in every way. Every like, dislike, personality, characteristic. She was one of the three singing androids, a star in the broadway musical, ‘Northern Lights’.
But she knew she was different, because she had memories that her sisters didn’t have, she knew what it was like to be human.
And tonight, she would escape the show.

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They were climbers. The legendary fighters who trained for years, who climbed the colossal and slayed them. They were the people’s heroes, the last stand, humanity’s only hope.
Or at least some of them were.

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“Stupid camp.”
I shrugged my shoulders, the bag pulling against what i imagined were nerves in my shoulders. I sighed, there was simply no escape from the overbearing heat, or the ache. I turned to a friend with an irritated twitch, “Why are we doing this again?”

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She was a fire. A storm. A raging thunder of emotions that prowled proudly through the world. She hid nothing, an easy picking for manipulative monsters yet also the strongest person he had ever met.
He wished he had courage like her.

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It was a cold fort. Frosted,freezing and silent. The wind tickled the back of her ears and left her numb. She pulled the scarf around her tighter. A snap echoed behind her. And she froze, her hand snapping to the smooth metal on her hip. A rustle, and then a howl.
Not just any howl, it was That howl, a warping twist of human screaming and the low mourning of a wolf, pulled several octaves higher by it’s mutated vocal cords. Others answered it, surrounding her, bombarding her ears like spitballs in that old destestable school of hers.
She can’t decide of the heralding of that time would be good or not.

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He gave me an apologetic smile. I sighed.
“Whattt? Come on Anny! Just a few bucks?”
“Get a goddamn job you idiot.”
He looked away, “Yeah but…”
I rubbed my the tips of my brows, “Look, I know this whole superhero gig has got you booked, but you can’t be asking me for money all the time.”

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” IT’s fake.”

“Whaddaya mean it’s fake? It’s right in front of you, this stuff is real!”

“Ever heard of hoaxes?”

“Yeah but-”

“Exactly. This is a hoax.”

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“Charity?” I voiced with a befuddled tone.
“Yeah. Charity.”
Now this would have been a good honest thing to do. Except for the fact that the man before me wasn’t what you would expect to be a doner. He was hairy across his arms, bearded, with rough hostile eyes and a sooty face from languishing in coal mines. Tattoos snaked across his chest, pass the burn marks and gun scars, and exploded across his back. His cheeks were rough, like badly finished wooden planks and had sharp edges for cheekbones. The stench of cigar fouled the air around him, and I could barely stand his odour as he reached a dirty hand into his tattered pockets.
“Gotta give some to the kids afterall.”
He extended his hand, in it’s black-nailed and dirt-covered grasp a small pile of notes. He smiled, crooked and yellowing teeth proudly revealing itself, and to my surprise, it changed his guant appearance entirely.
I smiled back, “Thank you, good sir.”

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