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Impressions of success are always intertwined with wealth. How come being a nice person, or a social worker are never measured in these terms. Society has a long way to go before we can succeed at calling ourselves civilized.

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“May the plague be upon you, and your children, and your children’s children!” spittle hit the terrified merchant’s face as Red spat the words.
The merchant’s knees were starting to give out, and a small bead of blood was forming near to where Red held the dirk to his throat.
“Take it, take it!” cried the merchant holding out the small figurine.

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She used to be part of the in crowd, until she was cast to the outskirts for wearing the wrong colour skirt with a salmon blouse. She was upset for weeks, until the unexpected happened. Chloe (the most high one) wore red jeans with a magnolia t-shirt. Now life was sweet again. Life was really tough on a five year old.

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He opened his hand and let the crushed remnants of the delicate crystal fall to the ground. There were shards embedded in his palm and blood dripping from his fingers but he didn’t notice, his focus completely on Samantha.

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The tombstone read, “Here lies my beloved husband, inventor of the crossword. Six feet down and two across”.

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As you get older you forget many things. Forgetting what it’s like to jump in puddles, or just to while away time staring at the night sky. Too many problems, not enough money. Children. Memories. Freedom. Forgotten.

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The limo window dropped down with an inaudible sound, and a sunglassed skimplily clad blond stuck her head out.
“Which way to the ‘ostess’s convention mate?” She asked in a strong cockney accent.
I was staggered on two fronts, firstly I had no idea where the convention was, and secondly her top was being pulled down by a hand from behind her, revealing her sizeable assets.

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With a shy smile, the little girl held up her picture to be inspected.
Derek smiled awkwardly and looked at the montage. It looked as if a colony of ants had walked through melted ice-cream and waltzed deliriously over pale yellow paper.
“Errr, it looks great!” He mumbled. “What is it?”

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He stood looking at his naked body in the bathroom mirror. Gawd, how had he come to this? He wiped away steam to reveal his ample midsection in all it’s glory.
He knew he was at a crossroads, an intersection in his life. He could either keep going as he has been for the last 8 years, or make the most amazing change in his life.

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He stood there peering into her walk-in wardrope, a puzzled expression on his face.
Amelia came and stood beside him following his gaze, which appeared to have settled on her rather large selection of handbags.
“It’s so strange”, he murmured.
“I’d heard tales of it, but I never knew women needed so many handbags?”.
Amelia laughed and gave him a reassuring pat, “Well honey, we don’t use them all at once.”

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It was one hell of a gadget he had dreamed up. Sort of a mix of an iPad on steroids, with little drawers that came out offering up gems like, tiny nail scissors and screwdrivers, or 3D glasses. The screen itself had so many apps that it was like looking at a mosiac. He had apps to determine if the tablet was level, apps to access latitude, height above sea-level and outside temperature. Even an app to scan your body for vital signs.
“So”, I asked. “What do you use it for?”
“For?” He replied. “I’m still working on the battery life, at the minute I’ve got it up to 5 minutes.”

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Ugh, what an American word. The word petrol almost sounds elegant in comparison. But there is nothing ‘elegant’ in how the worlds’ most dominant nations, exploit and hoodwick poorer nations for this commodty.

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So many tapes I can’t play anymore. Darn! A small fortune. Is it just me or are we constantly being forced to buy more expensive mediums every 10 years to play our favourite music. Records to tapes to CD’s to iPod and iStore. Hrrrummph!

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Whole grain food stuffs everywhere you look, even in white bread. What’s the deal with that. I thought the whole point of something being whole grain was that grain was unprocessed. It doesn’t make sense to have childrens bread called whole-grain that is white. Or perhaps I’ve missed the point. White bread didn’t previously have any grains in it…..

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“Mummy!” The child’s voice could be heard above the din of the dishwasher and washing machine.
“Mummy!” She shouted evern louder.
“Coming!” Mary dried her hands on the ever present apron and climbed upstairs where her twelve year old was sprawled on the couch.
“What kept you? I’ve been calling you for ages.” She complained.
“Here”, she said motioning her empty cup on the floor.
“I wanted a drink of milk, but I don’t want it now, can you bring this down stairs?”.

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She looked around the room, everywhere slim females and muscular men flirting with each other. She glanced down at her swollen ankles and cellulite legs wondering if she could fit in.

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Go figure! She rolled her eyes and stretched back in her chair, while looking out her office window at Dave and Siobhan making out in the forecourt below.

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Her high heels clicked and clacked across the time worn church flagstones, the noise amplified by the ancient stone walls. Father Jerome blessed himself slowly before turning around.

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He was so cheap, it was said that he made his own soap out of the oil left in the frying pan from his morning fry-up and the ashes from burning garden refuse. No wonder his wife left him.

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He was euphoric, he hadn’t realised so many people would turn up to fight the developers.
Everyone he talked to was 100% behind him.
He elbowed his way to the front of the crowd and yelled into the microphone, “What do we want?”
There was an embarrassed silence, then an elderly lady pointed to his fly, and said, “your fly up sonny for a start!”

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A faint ringing noise in my dream gradually woke me up to become a deafening fire alarm. Accompanied by crying children and my mother-in-law screaming “Fire! Fire! Everyone out!”
I stumbled from my bed blinded by smoke and tried to get to the other bedrooms.
“Oh my god! Where are the children?”

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That’s it solved! She put her pen down and looked around at her classmates with a smug expression unaware of the glares she was getting from the back row.
“Finished already Patricia? said the teacher suprised.

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The night seemed endless, having that coffee after dinner led to long periods staring at the ceiling and attempts to count sheep that never fully materialized in my head.

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“what a load of pure crap! I’ve never heard so much lies and untruthes! Are you aiming to be the fiction writer of the year or something?”
His daughter looked up with red rimmed eyes, and a helpless expression, as if to say “what’s the point?”
It seemed to make him madder.
“Get out of my sight, how I ever came to bring up a daughter like you, I’ll never know!”

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