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Train station. Taking trains and saying goodbye to people that you love. Taking the train from Colorado to Nebraska and back home. Super late. Driving through lots of snow with mom to get to the station.

» Posted By Maribeth On 06.14.2011 @ 1:15 pm


I think of fields. Oddly-colored grasses. Breezes and gentle touches. Everything’s soft, quiet, subtle. Nothing’s sharp, nothing hurts. Beauty is here and so is mercy holding hands with love.

» Posted By Maribeth On 02.20.2011 @ 5:27 pm


Being close to my Daddy’s heart as he holds me in his arms and I’m crying and my tears are soaking his shirt and I can hear his heartbeat calm and steady and I know he’s not going to leave no matter what I do so I’m not afraid anymore no matter how much the voices jeer.

» Posted By Maribeth On 07.29.2010 @ 9:08 pm


I don’t have any specific thoughts, just a blur at this moment. A blur of colors, of hopes that fade away. Things I cannot attain because of who I am. The colors are swirling, and still no specific thought comes to mind. I need to clear my head.

» Posted By maribeth On 03.17.2009 @ 6:30 am


This makes me think of STIs and I’m not proud of that fact.

Maybe my mind will transmit some non-sexual thoughts into the atmosphere sometime in the near future.

Somehow I doubt that though. I will continue to daydream about carnal desires until my shipment arrives, wherein I will explore poetry and the meaning of life.


See, and you thought I had a breakthrough already.

» Posted By Maribeth On 12.14.2009 @ 6:08 am

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