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He felt his collar yank back as he ran through the door, he hoped he was home free, but that damn collar! He pulled against it and could hear the threads violently separating from the material. Could he just rip free of this “collar” and finish the job?

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“Life, Liberty, and the…” “Shit, what was the rest of it?” He continued to slur and prattle on around this statement, that somehow this founding fathers statement made it OK for his drunken behavior. He was on the floor now with a beer staining his ratty t-shirt, the bar stool tipping/leaning against his head, his eyelids fluttered and he struggled to remain awake.

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Breathing felt like the bellows of an accordion, bellows that is that had a huge hole torn in the bottom. He couldn’t catch his breath, not after the gut shot that he knew he deserved. It was only a matter or time now and the pain would simply increase. He had cheated the system and tricked his way through, but he always knew he would pay for it in the end.

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Always in a hurry, that is what they told her, she was always in a hurry. She couldn’t shake the thought as she sped through traffic weaving and swerving trying to make it. If only she would’ve slowed down this time, she wouldn’t have left him sitting on the steps. She was now more than 20 miles away and she had left him more than 2 hours ago.

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The blemish on his record was permanent now, he was over 18 and it could not be undone. How was he ever going to live through this, he was a disgrace. As he drove toward the family home, he knew what to do, “hell always wanted to start a new life anyway.” he thought. He reassuringly rested his hand on the .45 Caliber that was riding shotgun and kept driving.

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“This watch is Fucking Platinum!” “Who do you think you are?”, the words hung in the air as Jack walked by the bar ricocheting off of the douchey bourgeois jerk that continued to prattle on at the bar.

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“the prodigal son returns!”, He chuckled as Robby walked through the door. Robby was down on his luck and hated coming back here. He swore that he wasn’t going to repeat the sins of the past. He didn’t want to get sucked back in to his old life, he wasn’t cut out for this type of work. But that was the problem, this was the only work he could get, and he was good at it. Robby was at a crossroads…

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“because I deserve it!, and I want it!” was the chant that continued to emanate from the back seat. Charlie, only wanted to raise the glass partition and shut the drunken harpie out of his mind. His head was swimming from the impromptu party, and he knew that he would bear the brunt of her misdeeds some day, but not today. He had to keep driving and remember the cargo in the trunk.

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She was the centerpiece of his life, how could he continue on? It was all crashing down, and she was gone.

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“What a slouch!”, he exclaimed, his partner was practically doubled over in the high backed office chair. He waited for the smart ass reaction, but it never came…

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Dim is what they called him, it may have started out because he was always a little slow on the uptake, but even after he made it through his GED program, the name stuck. He was always going to be known as DIM, even his coveralls had a name patch that read DIM. When they were planning the upcoming pharmacy robbery, his cohorts would ask him, “Dim, what are you going to do once we get inside, do you remember what you must do?”

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The marble table in the entry way was worn, and almost unnoticeable as she noticed the note that sat upon it. The note was written in a strange hand and seemed to be both cursive and block at the same time, who was it from? The opening line was ominous and menacing but also vexing, why now?

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“Follow the rules!” she yelled from behind the closed door, he extended his middle finger and walked away. He was on his way and wasn’t going to abide anymore.

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Had he always been an alarmist? No, that couldn’t be the case, she was exaggerating to make a point. He was maybe a little paranoid, but alarmist? Not even close, that was like the time he screamed bloody murder for everyone to get off the subway because he smelled paint fumes from a graffiti cover up operation, she said he needed to calm down, but he wasn’t an alarmist, right?

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The tires seemed to be deflated as he drove along the hottest asphalt on record, he was afraid they would melt, but kept going any way. How could he not, if he didn’t make it what then?

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I am still waiting to hear back from the doctor, am I really going to have to live with this for the rest of my life? What is this growth that has developed under my arm? I am afraid that I actually saw a tooth in there, maybe even an eye lid. Siamese twin development at 42, who has ever heard of that? This has got to be one for the annals of medical history, I am a walking freak show, now to just make sure no tank tops

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