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I left. After carefully taking in my surroundings I realized this was not a space for me. The great Sherlock Holmes has the deducing power to detect anything and now I had found a book ender.

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All through the night they tumbled along going down one mountain to the next gathering the night time flowers that they all so needed to survive. At home many of their families and friends were waiting to hear if they would succeed or not, praying that if enough of the flowers came home they could move to a fresh mountain top and tumble unhindered forever more.

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when you just run around and leave things in a place where you know youll forget them. scattering is when things are all over the floor and int just complete chaos. its when things are sprinkled all about

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Hidden, with an agenda. Something that points towards a mystery, the unknown. It’s intriguing and it captivates you with its secrecy. You are thirsty for it; thirsty to know the secret. And yet it never reveals itself.

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drunken bums sitting by the side of the road, smelling of this. whiskey. immoral. thats what i think of when i hear this word. dirty, wife beating men drinking from a jack daniels bottle and passing out with it in their hand later on, too. disgusting.

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feathered is a feathering technology

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