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I lured in the ducks by leaving a trail of corn and bread, the corn smelled like a farm, I imagined the cows mooing and sun behind the grey dense clouds as lightning and thunder crept upon. As I lured the ducks along to the right spot… *BANG BANG* I shot my gun at them one by one.. They lie on the ground, dead in a sickly sweet way. I drag them to home and pluck their feathers off one by one with an evil smile on my face. I hear a knock at the door, who would be in the middle of the woods at this time at night? They better be scared for disturbing me and my dinner. I ignore the knock, but I hear it again so I open the door ready to swing at someone but no one is there, all I hear is what sounds like a young girl singing “You’re gonna regret it, you’re gonna regret it.” Over and over again. I hear one more knock and open the door, I see nothing but I feel a pang on my head and everything fades away in to blackness.

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Your genes, whats inside of you, what you are made of. Genes are what make you you. They make you the way you look, the color your eyes are, and how tall you’ll be.

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