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You, with your zircon eyes. Your tourmaline lips. Your heart of iron. You, with your detrimental existential views. Hard as diamond and twice as sharp. Solid, but softening. Crumbling. You’re beginning to crack, and it’s because of this that the light might someday shine through you.

» Posted By magnets On 08.19.2019 @ 8:43 pm


It’s impossible to believe you are an organic creation. You’re walking sunshine. I can’t prove that humans were once thrown together from the residue of what once made up stars, or if we truly were handcrafted in the image of someone called God, but you can. You make me believe in both. You are cosmic. You are phenomena. When you step outside and tilt your face into the moonlight, it makes no difference; you already glow.

» Posted By magnets On 08.16.2019 @ 9:29 pm


His steps are like a wagon with square wheels. His stomach feels full, like he’d eaten himself sick, and his tongue is suddenly too large for his mouth. Every swallow is a struggle. And his heart is so uncomfortably swollen in his chest—so solid and firm against his rib cage—he thinks if he were to tug his collar and peer down his shirt, he might be able to see the outline through his skin. Fluttering. Irregular. Adamant. It beats in time with every syllable he speaks every time he says her name.

» Posted By magnets On 08.13.2019 @ 3:14 pm


I often wonder if the reason I’m so unhappy is that I don’t write enough poetry or frequent enough coffee shops or eat enough kale or kiss enough strangers, like all the other writers always seem to be doing.

Alternatively, maybe I’m just a piece of shit.

» Posted By magnets On 08.08.2019 @ 1:42 pm


She’s been to Paris, she tells me. She’s been to Dubai. She roamed the streets of Bangkok, got sunburnt in Cairo, learned to dance in Madrid. She stood before Christ the Redeemer and St. Basil’s Cathedral and was too stunned to even lift a camera. She’s seen four of the seven wonders of the world, and still she chooses to tell me that I am the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

» Posted By magnets On 08.04.2019 @ 11:12 pm


I want the fire in my veins to break the ice. I want to connect. I want to be heard. I want to be undaunted by humans. I want to see myself mirrored in the faces of others, and I want to learn to love both.

» Posted By magnets On 08.03.2019 @ 12:26 pm


This place isn’t your home. These people aren’t your friends. High school sucked so much of your light away and the military took what was left. Your smile was stolen from you. But that’s okay; it was a crooked one anyway. You can find a new one. Or you can borrow someone else’s for awhile, till you find your own. Just because you were born here doesn’t mean you belong here. Trash the map. Turn left.

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The stars hang suspended in the universe and he’s beginning to wonder if maybe he does, too. He forced a laugh when his neighbor told him good morning this afternoon. He walks close to the curb like he’s waiting for something. He avoids train tracks and balconies and his local pharmacy. He keeps his hands buried into his pockets up to the wrists.

They say stars die before they’re ever actually seen by those on Earth. He’s beginning to wonder if maybe he did, too.

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She sits on the curb and the rain is the sequins on her coat. It’s her lip gloss, her hair gel. There is no mascara to run, but there are freckles to muddle. Dimples to fill. It makes her fingernails shimmer and her complexion glow. It flashes in the streetlights. It sparkles in the low-hanging blood-coloured sun. But it’s nothing compared to her eyes.

» Posted By magnets On 07.29.2019 @ 8:15 pm


You only burn bridges because you think it will keep you warm. You think that this makes you your own hero. And you can be—but not like this. You weren’t made to work twelve-hour shifts and be alone. You were made to be spoken to. You were made to be heard. And even though the monsters in your closet are only skeletons, they still keep you up at night, and it’s okay to need help. Just because you can get through this by yourself doesn’t mean you have to. I can be your hero, just for a moment. I can’t save you, but I can give you the strength to save yourself.

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You refuse to let your thoughts bleed because you’re worried you might stain the carpet. You can, though; I don’t mind. And when you’re through I’ll carefully suture your wounds with the thread of my words and remind you how strong you are for holding yourself together through all of this. Then we can watch them heal into scars together. Scars that might fade, someday. You’re very brave. I think maybe you aren’t told that enough. And I think that’s part of why you hurt.

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They wear their hearts on their sleeves like it’s the latest trend.
They sit, their legs crossed before them or beneath them, and watch the world with eyes bright enough to put the sky to shame. They take it all in like it was made for them. Their dimples deep enough to rival the moon’s, their curls wild enough to snag on the stars—they are so small and yet somehow they fill so much space. These damsels that cause distress. Lionhearted little ladies. Stubbornly generous and ignorantly wise and so, so beautiful. They know they belong to no one but themselves.

» Posted By magnets On 05.25.2017 @ 9:38 pm

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