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The Silo. Right on the border of US and Canada. As a kid it was always hilarious to sit there, eating ice cream, and gesture casually across the river. “Hey, there’s Canada!” we’d always say, as if we had just noticed it but it was no big deal. But as kids, foreign countries, even Canada, were always interesting.

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He was a savage. There was no other word for it. I shoved him away from me. Well, that’s what my brain was saying. My body, however, from frozen, and I found myself unable to carry out the simplest of actions. Mind racing, limbs locked, I could not even scream as I knew I should.

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“That is so distressing,” she said, averting her eyes form the scene. Her companion, however, could not take his eyes away. They would not budge. It is interesting that two people could have such opposite reactions to the same scene.

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It was all worthwhile in the end. Right? Because it had to be. There was no other option. Each step I took, each thought I though, each moment I continued breathing, it was all worth it. Because now I’m here, and I’m still breathing, after all this time. Even if I’m the only one. I’m still here.

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All of this amounts to — what? A lot of wishes and desires and goals but nothing tangible, nothing I could count. I didn’t know how much I had. I didn’t know how much I could lose. But I wanted more.

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The Hunger Games.
Games aren’t always fun. Like in gym class when you play a game but gym class sucks.
Or, you know what? Like in math class when you play a game but math class sucks and the suckiness of math class doesn’t override the “fun” of the game.
I like board games. My brother doesn’t. That’s annoying.

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The rent was due tomorrow. Shit. I had completely forgotten in the midst of everything that was going on. My mind raced through my options. I could ask the landlord for an extension, but I didn’t particularly want to deal with his anger right now. I could ask my parents for money, but I always hated borrowing from them. It felt like they were blackmailing me for some reason. Shit. This sucked.

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I got detention when I was in fourth grade relatively frequently. That might be a surprise, since I was an A student throughout high school who was never in trouble with the authorities. But in fourth grade, I forgot to do my homework a lot. I didn’t avoid homework. I just forgot. I was a bit of a Neville Longbottom, you might say. I needed a remembrall.

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A modem is a computer thingy, right? Oh gosh, I hardly know. I’m not very good at computer things. Internet things I’m decent at, and I have technological common sense that the older generation seems to lack, but I’m not very good at these sorts of things still. Oh gosh. This word, I hav very little to say about it. I thought it was the word “modern” at first, which I would have preferred greatly.

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The test administrator distributed the test packets row by row in silence. The students could hear the crinkling of the paper as she handed a packet of four or five to the first student in each row. Besides that, the only noise was the nervous tapping of number 2 pencils on desks and breathing.

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The lightning scar on his forehead was a mark of his mother’s undying love for him and the power that that love continues to have throughout his entire life. We’ll never forget that lightning bolt scar, Harry, or our love for you. It’s real for us. The Weapon we have is love.

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Platinum is a metal that sounds really exciting, like it’s in a superhero story or something, but I honestly have no idea what it’s made of, or if it’s an element, or if it does anything special, or if it’s expensive, or anything like that. Just goes to show that a word can be sort of commonplace, but I can still be pretty ignorant about it.

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The centerpiece of the Christmas table was one of those wooden sculptures that had candles on top, and the candles someone made use of physics and made the whole thing spin. When the lights were turned off, the shadows of the candles created intricate designs on the walls and ceiling.

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One wonders whether one ought to obey laws simply to obey laws. What about unjust laws? Must they be followed? Are rules to be followed for rules’ own sake? Martin Luther King Jr would disagree with that. Socrates would agree. This is just my philosophy class coming out.

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The young boy slouched in his chair, looking grumpy. THe pencil in his hand was tapping against the desk impatiently as he stared blankly at the piece of paper in front of him. The students around his scribbled furiously, but he hardly moved, didn’t seem to care at all. He sighed and finally leaned his head on the desk.

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One hundred years had passed since the biggest war of the world. Llamas vs. Alpacas. I mean, alpacas, the cousins of the llamas, just never got as much attention, and they didn’t think that was fair at all. I don’t really blame them.

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The bell rang. LIke it always does. 2:57 every weekday. For the last nine months. Almost over though! Summer, I can smell you coming! YUM.



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Popped collars are so cool. Especially, like, double popped collars. I mean really. It makes people respect you so much more and you become so much more likeable. Don’t you think? I mean, it’s the most important addition to any wardrobe.


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Take a bow
There was a beautiful bow in the little girl’s hair. It was the picture of innocence.

The band bowed to the rabid applause of ten thousand shreiking fangirls who paid way to much money to see a really mediocre boyband. Story of modern music.

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I don’t understand because I just go this word last time I did this one word thing. String…. A kite is flying through the air and the wind is carrying it far away except then it falls because kites never work like they do in the movies or commercials. Good metaphors, though.

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It was like all the strings inside him broke. Unraveled. There was nothing else to do. Nothing else to hide. Nothing else to say. How it happened…. It just did. Life was doing him, instead of the other way around. We need to live. We are in control. Not anyone else.

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